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Bangladesh: AMS and travelling/trekking solo AMS and travelling/trekking solo - Bangladesh

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AMS and travelling/trekking solo

Currently in Namche (3,440m above sea level), and despite acclimatizing by walking from Jiri and taking Diamox, I came down yesterday with a gnawing headache, nausea, dizziness, light sleep, vivid dreams and difficulty in forming fully coherent sentences. I took an extra acclimatization day in Namche to give my body time to catch up and I'm feeling better, but I still have 2,000m of altitude to gain.

How do you combine trekking solo and staying safe (especially in the event of AMS progressing enough to not be able to think coherently enough to go down if AMS gets too bad)? Not sure if I'm being paranoid, but I've seen a couple of people coming down who needed to essentially be carried by their guide/friends because they lacked any balance or coordination, and it slightly freaked me out.

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