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Bangladesh: Lists of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh Lists of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh - Bangladesh

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Lists of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the country in South Asia. It is vast important for its geographical location. Most of the country space is plane land. However, it has small amount of hills and jungles. The country has warm weather with 18 cores population. This is why, More than 1000000+ living abroad. Country is most popular for its history and culture. It has the best  tourism destinations. Sunder Ban is the world largest Mangrove forests in the world. Bangladesh has many old buildings and castles.

Now, let you know about Diplomatic Missions in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is highly important place in this South Asia region. Diplomatic Missions are the most important to Bangladesh because two Mountainous countries such as Nepal and Bhutan are getting support from these diplomatic missions. This is not an end, Bangladesh has own Diplomatic Zone where you will find everything in one place. It is one of the best safe and secure place into the heart of the city.

48 resident embassies/high commissions
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