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Flying into Lima, Peru at 11PM or paying $70 more to fly in at noon?

I have the option between a Spirit flight that gets in at about 11PM and has a 12+ hour daytime layover in Fort Lauderdale both directions, or a Copa flight with minimal layovers that gets in at about noon but costs $70 more. Basing on airlines, layovers, personal experience, safety, ect, is the extra $70 worth it?

Main concern with getting in late is I've heard Lima is kinda sketchy at night in some areas, and this is my first solo trip, female, 20y old, with a decent but not great handle on Spanish, and will have just gotten off a long flight and not have a feel for the city yet. On the other hand, I've heard lots of international flights get in at that time and that it's possible to get a legit taxi called from inside the airport to go straight to your hostel, so maybe it wouldn't be that hard/sketchy. Plus $70 is worth at least a couple days or a good tour, so worth trying to save if possible?

Submitted February 22, 2018 at 02:48AM by mtnsrcool

Thoughts on booking foreign flights?

New Zelander traveling to Europe for first time solo travel. I want to fly from Rome to Zante island. NZ Expedia ( lists the flight as NZ$434, my local travel agent can do it for NZ$375, Italy Expedia ( can do it for €162 (NZ$272).

I'm tossing up between my local travel agent, and the Italy Expedia. Any thoughts on booking through another counrty's Expedia? Is this risky, or does it breach their terms of service or anything?

(Note: Rough date of travel is 21 Sep 2018)

Submitted February 22, 2018 at 02:51AM by HumanSquidward

need help with a road trip (from minneapolis)!

i'm in the midst of a road trip with a friend and we're in minneapolis, mn right now with no strong plans of what to do next.

we started in detroit and had a loose plan to head to the upper peninsula. that worked out great but now we've expended michigan and are looking at what to do next. think we're heading west.

any route suggestions to the west coast (in winter) from minnesota? anything that can't be missed besides yellowstone?


Male mid 20s in Havana for the weekend - what do I absolutely need to see or do?

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Submitted February 22, 2018 at 01:55AM by pwnz0rd

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Ten day Switzerland itinerary- please critique!

Hello! A portion of my upcoming solo trip is going to be in Switzerland and while I had planned to spend close to two weeks traveling throughout the country, I had to cut it short due to flights. I now only have ten short days and am worried I’ll just be way too rushed. I have my itinerary below. Should I cross off some places? Make a city just a day trip instead? For reference, I’m really into hiking, exploring the different towns, and taking in Switzerland’s beauty.

Day 1- Zurich My train from Munich will have to connect in Zurich anyway so I figured why not stay a night. I don’t plan on doing any tours, just exploring the city. Do I need more than a day? (Not including the train ride into Zurich). I’ve heard mixed reviews on how long to spend here.

Days 2 & 3- Lucerne Lucerne looks absolutely beautiful and I would love to spend more time here but I’m hoping two days will be enough. Just want to explore the sights and do a Mt Pilatus tour.

Days 4,5 & 6- Interlaken I’m so excited for Interlaken. I’m planning on exploring the city and doing a paragliding tour. Would love to do more adventurous tours if it were cheaper.

Days 7 & 8- Zermatt A big reason I wanted to come to Switzerland was to see the Matterhorn up close and personal! I plan on doing one of those tours, possible Matterhorn Paradise.

Days 9 & 10- Montreux I’ve heard there’s not much to do here, but it looks beyond beautiful. I definitely want to visit Chillon Castle and relax.

Day 11 will just be taking a train to Geneva to go to the airport for my 11am flight.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Should've mentioned before that I'll be there in June.

Submitted February 21, 2018 at 10:57PM by staythepath1469

Can I get some feedback on my itinerary of central Europe?

Hello, I am planning my first solo trip and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from y'all. I really want to see all of these countries but part of me wonders if it might be easier and less arduous to just stay in Germany and plan a shorter trip. Also, I've been considering a Eurail pass for 10 days of travel over two months. My budget minus travel would be around $2500 USD. Let me know what you think!

Berlin 7 days – Warsaw 3 days – Krakow 3 days – Poprad 3 days– Budapest 5 days – Vienna 3 days – Graz 4 days – Prague 5 days – Nuremberg 3 days – Munich 5 days – Stuttgart 1 day

Submitted February 22, 2018 at 12:02AM by tomandluce

Booked My First Solo Trip!

I just booked my first solo trip! It will be a trip to Barcelona in June. I have been to Europe but I was too young to remember so this should be quite the experience. I posted this a month ago:

Thank you all for your helpful comments.

Submitted February 22, 2018 at 01:30AM by georgesteele131

FOX NEWS: Amsterdam cracking down on tourists in Red Light District who stare at hookers

Amsterdam cracking down on tourists in Red Light District who stare at hookers

Tour companies can be fined up to $1,200 for any peeping Toms.


Feeling guilt over upcoming first solo-trip

Long story short- I have more vacation time than my husband and I don't want to do "nothing" with it. I just booked tickets from the US to literally half way around the world for myself for just over a week. This will be my first solo trip.

We also have a toddler. I'm feeling really guilty about putting extra burden on them or upsetting my husband as he has also grown to love traveling since we got married. He had to go out of state for 2 weeks for work and my daughter misses him like crazy.

He encouraged me to go, our daughter will be completely fine. I know logistically everything will be fine. But I can't help but feel like I need to cancel my ticket since it's within the 24 hour limit.

Does anyone else go through this process?

Submitted February 21, 2018 at 10:15PM by amaninja

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