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Road Trip to Film-Com Nashville

New York City to Columbia Missouri

planning on driving from new york to columbia missouri to visit relatives late August and looking for places to stay/camp on the way there & back. Any recommendations appreciated!

FOX NEWS: TSA is adding new restrictions on powders

TSA is adding new restrictions on powders

Packing your liquids and gels into three-ounce bottles is just one of the many things you have to do for airport security.


A Bustling Country:France

Top 12 Best Road Trip Quotes

It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank of gas, a half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.

I have 2 weeks, 2,000~ dollars, and an excuse to make a last hoorah road trip before I start my next job. Located in the Deep South, USA. Any suggestions for places to go?

Hiking / camping / outdoors definitely a bonus.

Cool sights and routes between Florida Keys and Johnson City, TN?

Looking for recommendations of fun, bizarre and cool oddities between Florida Keys and Johnson City. Flea markets, roadside attractions and even the best produce stands- anything is of interest for me. Preferably something not off of a corny travel blog :). Also taking recommendations if the route... as of now I'm planning 95 to 26. Feel free to message and comment what you think! Peace

FOX NEWS: Female Pakistani pilots ace ‘very challenging’ flight, win praise on Twitter

Female Pakistani pilots ace ‘very challenging’ flight, win praise on Twitter

“Well done girls .. you are making us proud."


FOX NEWS: Peruvian World Cup fans safe after smoking plane scare

Peruvian World Cup fans safe after smoking plane scare

The cabin of a plane carrying Peruvian soccer fans at the World Cup filled with smoke as the aircraft prepared for landing in a Siberian city.


A Puppy’s First Roadtrip! Need advice: Boston to Nova Scotia (or other route)

Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are thinking of doing a roadtrip from Boston to Nova Scotia next week. We have a five month old puppy, and we have all his papers regarding rabies vaccinations so I think that’s all that we need for the border.

We know we won’t be able to go into restaurants or museums, but we’re hoping to do a lot of hiking and walking around exploring with the pup. We have a tent so we would probably try to stay at campsites that are dog friendly. We could also sleep in my car if needed.

Any ideas /advice on places we should visit?!

We are also open to other route suggestions. We are able to leave Tuesday and we could take like 7-10 days. The dream was to go from Boston to Colorado and back but I just think we would be squishing too much driving into too little time. I went to school in the south so if we went somewhere other than Nova Scotia I’d prefer to go North or West.

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