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Submitted October 22, 2017 at 03:53PM by bigjoebegs

First solo trip and unsure

I would really like to go somewhere in December (I know there is not much time left and the flights are getting more and more expensive) but I just can't decide.

I think this is partly because I have never really traveled solo and am too worried/scared to actually do it.

So when I "finally decide" a destination I always second guess it and worry it won't be as nice as I would like to.

I moved from Germany to Ireland (Dublin) on my own a couple months ago and I realised I don't really know what to do on my own, so I feel like I would just hang out in the hotel all day and be bored like I did, and still do here, when I have time to do something.

I have traveled before, just not alone. And I feel like I need someone with me to have fun.

I have never been outside Europe, so I would really like to go somewhere further away and I will have 8-10 days off in December (2nd to 10th or 9th to 17th). I am 21 and very much like nature, eating food and trying drinks, but partying is not really for me. Budget around 2000€.

I thought about going to California, rent a car and explore the state (at least a bit of it). But I am worried about the weather and a little about the wildfires still going on.

Then I though about going to Portugal and do the same thing, but I am worried about the weather again, and if there is a lot too see over there.

I also thought to go somewhere like Stockholm/Bergen/Tromso but I am not sure if I want to go to a cold place on my own for now.

I hope you might be able to help me out here and maybe make those doubts go away.

TL;DR 21 year old guy is worried about going somewhere on his own and can't decide what to do.


Submitted October 22, 2017 at 04:07PM by its_fafel

General Chatter/Meetup Thread - Week of October 22

This thread is for y'all to do things like:

  • Introduce yourself to the community.
  • Ask simple questions that may not warrant their own thread.
  • Discuss whatever you want.
  • Complain about certain aspects of travel or life in general.
  • Post asking for meet-ups
  • Reminisce about your travels.
  • Post links to personal content (blogs, youtube channels, instagram, etc...). If you would like these added to our wiki please message the moderators

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 03:31PM by AutoModerator

Best advice for someone who has never solo travelled before?

Hi guys,

Was just wondering what experienced solo travellers would consider to be a top tip for first time solo travellers with no experience?

Many thanks, S

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 03:33PM by sds_580

[META] We hit a 100k subs! Story and feedback time.

Hey congratulations, we hit a 100k subs overnight! (mods were asleep). I figure this would be a nice space to:

  1. Share some of your best travel stories since joining /r/solotravel
  2. What do you want to see change/happen/improve on the subreddit? We'll be looking to recruit another mod soon to help out with the spam.

Thanks for being a part of what's been an amazing community, and for those old timers, thanks for being here through the growing pains from when we were just a smallish 10k sub.

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 02:09PM by failuretomisfire

Anyone found a decent pillow that can be taken on trips?

I know its sounds like I'm a prima donna but a decent pillow is the difference between me having a good nights sleep or not.

Is there a solution without taking my bulky pillow? I don't mean a neck pillow for travelling, I literally mean a sleeping pillow!

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 02:34PM by Superdudeo

What's your solo travel super power?

Maybe you can eat all the weird foods without getting ill, maybe you don't get hangovers, maybe you never lose your tube of chapstick. What is your solo travel super power?

Mine is that I can blend in almost anywhere! I'm pretty ethnically ambiguous and--as long as I keep my mouth shut--can pass for a local across much of southern/eastern Europe, central/south America, the Middle East, North Africa, and southwest Asia. I can't even count the number of times I've gotten "are you SURE you're not Afghan/Turkish/Israeli/Romanian/Cypriot/Iranian/Mexican/Berber/Spanish/Argentine/Greek/from this place? Maybe your parents are from here?" In my solo travel life, this means I don't experience most of the harassment that stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb tourists do, and it's fabulous.

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 02:36PM by peachykeenz

solo backpacking China

Hi. This is my first post in reddit and i am a little nervous so do pardon me. I'm posting this in hopes of hearing from any kind and adventurous souls on their experience/ plan to backpack around China.

I will start the post with a short and brief introduction of myself, so here goes: I am 19 years old this year, I hold a dual citizenship (China and Singapore) currently and would have to make a choice between the both when I turn 21, which is also why I would like to backpack China to learn more about the nation. I will graduate with a Singapore Diploma next year April. I will then have been through 13 years of English based education and I have also studied the Chinese language as my mother tongue for 10 years, so I am pretty fluent in it- both spoken and fluent. I have been to China a couple of times and been solo travelling since I was 16. I grow up as an independent kid, and am quite knowledgeable and versatile. I am also adventurous and physically fit.

I am looking to spend about 3 months (~12 weeks) in China, starting September/October 2018 and the primarily purpose of this trip is to learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions, something like going back to my roots as a Chinese.

I intent to start travelling from:

1.Yunnan, I am not sure yet on what I would do there but mainly looking to hike. I plan to stay there for about 2 weeks.

2.Sichuan I am considering then taking a train to Chengdu to visit Jiuzhaigou and spend a couple of days there, join the Panda Volunteer Program at Dujiangyan panda base and volunteer in a farm in exchange for accommodation before heading to Nanchong via a taxi. I plan to stay in Sichuan for about 3 week in total.

3.Guilin, I am planning to travel here via train as the website i use to look up routes within China suggest that i would pass through many other cities. I would like to mainly to visit Moon Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Longsheng here. And if possible, join a camping/climbing trip. I am intending to stay here for 2 weeks.

4.Beijing, visit some of the museums and go on a camping trip at the Great Wall of China, Jiankou. (I have been to the Great Wall of China before recently actually but only visited and climbed the Badaling section due to time constraint.) I am planning on staying in Beijing for a week.

5.Harbin, I am looking to volunteer there as a English teacher and I would like to do skiing there since it would be winter during my trip there am I am sure the place is going to be beautifully covered in snow. I am planning to stay for a good 2 weeks.

6.Anhui,Tunxi, I would like to go there and learn more about the old China as well as to visit the Huangshan if my budget and time allows. I am planning to stay for about a week here.

I then will travel to Fujian to visit some of my relatives and end my trip here before i return back home.

My budget is not alot for this whole trip, as I am only able to work part time from now till i embark on to this journey. My budget is about Singapore Dollar 10,000+ =~50,000 RMB.

Will that be enough? I am looking into volunteering in exchange for accommodation, being a stand-in English tutor for some side income and I am not looking to do shopping or indulge into luxurious food. I am fine with street foods and do not mind cooking my own meals. I am also fit enough to cover a solid distance (15-20KM) by foot and aware that bike sharing is available in China.

Some of my other concern will be,

-Is a diploma sufficient enough for me to volunteer as a English teacher or maybe get a ad-hoc paid stand in English teacher?

-Does A Singapore passport holder require to apply for Visa for a trip like this and if yes, what are the procedures?

-Is Sept/Oct a good time to go? I am aware that China's National Day will run through the first week of October annually.

-I have been to Beijing recently and notice that there is alot of cashless transaction payment there, how safe/convenient is it for me to be carrying that amount of cash or what are the alternative methods i can manage my finances there?

Here is the website i used to gauge transportation methods in China:

I know and heard from many that China is a pretty daunting country to travel in so it would be nice if anyone could share with me their experience, address my concerns and give me some tips/ place of interest before i start travelling through China.

Thank you for reading my post! :-)

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 01:06PM by nhyfaye

Heading to Wein from Roma tonight

Any tips for me to prepared for the night train on OBB nightjet? Also favorite places where the locals hang out. Much thanks!

Submitted October 22, 2017 at 09:46AM by Pleb_logistics

The kind of driving you get used to in West Africa

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