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Guatemala (and some Belize) Itinerary Help!

Hey all! I [Canadian, F/28] am planning my first [big] solo trip to Guatemala, and could use a bit of help with my itinerary. I've got a plan, but if anyone has advice, it would be much appreciated! I'm hoping to leave mid to late April, and my dates are pretty flexible (but around 10ish days.)

FWIW, I have never been to Central America before, so this is slightly terrifying. I love markets and hiking. I'm more of a 'bourbon on the patio' type than the partying type. My MO while travelling seems to be walk/hike/explore so hard during the day I pass out by 10:00 (which is lame, I know.)

The Plan:

Day 1

-Land in Belize City (I've got a long way to go, so at this point I may have been on airplanes for 18 hours already)

-Shuttle to San Ignacio - hopefully have some daylight hours left to relax

Day 2

-ATM cave (so close to Guatemala, it seems impossible to pass up) - ~8 hours

-Spend the rest of the day in San Ignacio

Day 3

-Shuttle to Flores


Day 4

-Tikal for sunrise

Day 5

-Fly to Guatemala City (UNLESS I could do this on the evening of day 4? What's a good amount of time for Tikal?)

-Shuttle to Antigua

Day 6


Day 7

-Shuttle to Panajachel


Day 8

-Lake Atitlan

-Volcano hike?

Day 9

-Lake Atitlan

Day 10

-Shuttle (?) back to GC, fly home (another full day of airplanes)

So here are some questions:

-Crossing the border from Belize to Guatemala - are there any concerns there? I CAN skip the ATM cave...but it's so close!

-I want to hike but I'm concerned about altitude. My city sits at 240m. I noticed the altitude while hiking in the Rockies at about 1800m.

-Hostels. I'm usually an AirBnB type gal, but since I'm travelling alone, I would like the opportunity to meet people. How do, like, you share a room with a bunch of strangers?? What if they're all weird!? Haha.

So that's it. It does seem like a lot, but I have a hard time sitting still. Any recommendations (cool spots, hostels etc.) are super appreciated!

[Edit] One more question--I'm a skinny white girl with tattoos. I've read that Guatemala is fairly conservative. Should I be concerned with covering tattoos up?

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 02:20AM by snakeblanket

Cheyenne, WY to Salt Lake City, UT

Wife and I are taking a trip and I was wondering if there is anything along the way we could see. The only place we know for sure we want to stop is Elk Mountain. Any others?

Trippin’ from Denver to Los Angeles! Suggestions welcome

I am driving from Denver to Los Angeles in June. Taking 70 to 15. I’ve driven from Denver to Moab and then up to Salt Lake City, so I know a little of the trip across Colorado. But Utah and Nevada what’s good!! I plan on driving straight through from Denver to Vegas and then taking my time from Vegas to LA. I already have the Seven Magic Mountains on my list; what else should I pull over for??!

My fiancee and I have been living on the road for a year. We just visited our 30th National Park! AMA

Passport photos for visa?

Hello. I am currently 1 month into a solo trip of SEA. I was looking into some on arrival visas for a few places and I saw you need passport photos for the visa? Is this actually true? Or will just having a passport on arrival be ok.

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 01:36AM by takyon3

Pretty long solo drive coming up next month and I could use some advice

Hello all. I have a pretty long solo drive coming up next month for work, and I'm a tad nervous. I'll be leaving early on a Saturday morning from Reading, PA and driving to Cincinnati, OH. Then I'll return on Tuesday. Google says it's a roughly 8 hour drive.

I've done a few long drives before, but always with my wife. We did PA to Maine two years ago and PA to Florida the year before. Again, long trips, burning wasn't alone.

Anyone have advice other than the seemingly obvious "listen to audiobooks"? I am telling myself that I'm basically doing an 8 hour work day in the car, and I do 8 hour days at work every day. Hoping that'll psyche me up.

For better or worse, I'm taking a work vehicle. I would probably feel more comfortable in my car, but I lease and I'm not about to put 1k miles on it.

Anyway, of people could tell me about their experiences with long drives, it would definitely be helpful. Thanks.

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 01:37AM by halupki

AZ>NV>CA road trip: looking for help with overnight itinerary!

My SO and I will be taking a road trip for eight nights in mid April. We are flying into PHX and out of San Diego. This is our tentative plan for where we will spend each night. We'll be doing a mix of car camping (we fly with our tent, etc.) and Airbnb/hotels. Right now our timing is flexible as long as we end up in SD, but I'm hesitant on which places to spend more than one night in, and which we will be OK moving on from after a day. Obviously this itinerary is focusing on where we will stay overnight and there are lots of stops along the way that I'm not including:

Nights 1-2: Sedona (expensive, but does't seem to lend itself well to camping, which we'd prefer. Considering 1 night in Sedona and 1 camping elsewhere in AZ-- thoughts?)

Night 3: Vegas (we've never been so we figured we might as well stop for a night-- cheap-ish accommodation recs?)

Night 4-5: Camp in Death Valley NP (would 1 night be better? If so, where should we add the other day to?)

Night 6: Camp in Joshua Tree NP (best campground?)

Nights 7-8: San Diego (best area to stay?)

NOTE: We are big into National Parks and hiking which has obviously shaped this trip. We've done several other car camping road trips and are fine with driving a couple hours each day. We have already done all of the big Utah parks, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, etc., so that is why we chose the places on our itinerary. We are flying from the Northeast, FYI.

ANY & all itinerary or accommodation suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Where to go in Thailand?

I'll be in Chiang Mai for 5 days end of August and am having trouble deciding where to go next. I'm thinking of Khao Sok National Park or Krabi. Khao Sok seems quieter and looks beautiful with lots of nature filled activities which I prefer but I feel like Krabi is more ideal for a solo traveler. Any suggestions?

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 12:48AM by lid20

Difficulties in Interacting with South Korea (and potentially Japan )

So Im halfway through my 12 week solo trip and Im having a pretty mediocre time in Korea. I did 3 weeks in Thailand and 3 weeks in Vietnam. In both places I felt like I could speak to locals and engage well. I also realized, the times I made local friends is when I had the best time in these countries.

Korea has been such a culture shock disparity from my last destination(Vietnam). In every aspect: infrastructure, prices, traffic, transportation. My biggest grip is the local attitudes. Im a dark skinned hispanic and I get stares. I got stares in my previous locations too, but I would usually get engaged with. Its a bit painful to just have to assume what south koreans might be thinking.

In Korea I feel like no one wants to be approached or wants to approach me and it makes it hard to enjoy the country. I could just go around with hostel folks, but I like to have some interaction with locals besides hostel staff and cashiers. Any tips on cracking this social barrier? I dont want to be rude and engage in unwanted conversations.

I understand its closer to attitudes like this in the United States(where i am from). Korea is a more modernized and affluent society so it makes sense. They also dont thrive on a tourism economy.

Will Japan also be like this? Just looking for insight and tips.

TL DR: how do i make friends/interact with japanese or korean people in their countries...

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 12:59AM by exviusHEAVYlurker

Australia Gold Coast trip

Hey I’m heading to the Gold Coast April 15-21st solo. I thought I’d see if anybody else was going to be there around that time! My names Matt 31/m and I’m living in Australia for the next 5 months playing basketball for a team here. Just looking for any cool people who want another friend! Cheers!

Submitted March 21, 2019 at 01:12AM by skeeskers

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