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Is traveling Ridiculous?

Today, my topic is very ridiculous. However, I like to make you understand that why you should travel?

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Traveling is truly an enjoyment journey for all. Now, let me tell about why traveling is becoming popular now-a-days? The answer is very simple. We know that the world is tremendously developing digitally. So, people are very busy for their jobs. Although, there are many social places like bar where people enjoy. However, this is not really giving full-relaxation.
Now, what is the solution to get relax after ten or eleven month continuous working? The only solution is to visit to silent places with friends or family. As we know, much of Europe is becoming digital within few seconds. Everywhere, you are viewing concrete buildings and entertainment places. So, I can say that relaxation place is going to extinction. Digital Life is now giving a simple solution about Spa. Many Spa parlours are arguing that spa gives mental free stress. I think if you never travel any where for relaxation you never understand that “Does Spa really removes stress after working long time”? I can say “No”. The reason is that if you can bath after office then why should you spend large amount of money for bathing? Instead of doing this, you can easily save huge amount of money to spend later for traveling to lonely place where you will get ultimate relax. Life is very short, so why should you not enjoy travel?

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