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Bangladesh: How to save Money while travelling to Bangladesh? How to save Money while travelling to Bangladesh? - Bangladesh

How to save Money while travelling to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh, a wonder tourism destination in the world. The city is popular known as Mosque City. The reason is that many people came from Middle East in this country since 100 years back. However, people also came to settle this green land from different countries around the world. It is also true that many people settle in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore were migrated from this lovely land to increase more opportunities. The country is popular for other religion of people too. Bangladesh has history, culture and science of development for long time. Although, the country is now over population due to its unique geographical location and weather conditions. Here, the weather has 7 seasons. It is not like cold Europe nor too hot like Middle East. The weather is good all round the year compare to other countries. Now, let me give some information about geographical location.  

Bangladesh geographical location is just central of South East Asia and it has border with India and Burma. One of the positive thing is that Bangladesh is not land lock country as it has largest Bay of Bengal. As the term used "Bay of Bengal". local Bangladeshi claims that they are owner of Bay of Bengal. Yes, we are Bengal Tiger we are much different from others too because we have own language, largest Muslim followers and largest sea beach. Here, Muslims are also friendly and respect to other religion and culture of people from the Mugal period. This is unique than many other countries. Obviously, Muslim Bengali has kept different tradition like Mugal Food, clothes and lifestyle.

Bangladesh is one of the low cost tourism destination in the world. People who comes from Middle East and Western countries will be happy to visit. The first reason is you can find Hallal and western food all around the country. The country has safest water to drink safely.Bangladeshi local food is very tasty and delicious but cost is very cheap. You can also find world best hotels at low costs too. In addition, Bangladesh transport are Eco-friendly and low costs too. Rickshaw is local base Eco-friendly transport service.

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