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Truly Bankok Amazing Destination

Just 12 years back, I went to Bangkok with my parents. BANGKOK was tremendously developed.We enjoyed real Thai food.Road side markets were really cheaper to buy goods. Any one can find cheaper cosmetics, juice, jeans items and many more items. We stayed in a nice hotel, Stella Palace for seven days. At that time, Baiyokehotel was the toppest hotel in Bangkok where we stayed another three days. However, Thai people like to eat stick-noddles with Thai smell. Really the taste was fantastic.
Our was really on a good place to visit one market to other.Fruits were very tasty including Guava and Grapes.
Finally we went to a famous place in
Bangkok, Crocodile Park. This Park was famous for playing with crocodile by human. One event I still can remember that ' a man was placed his head into the Crocodile mouth with music. This scene still remember me about how people take life risk?. People started to throw coins as they became gesture to see all funny things.
While we returned, I was amazed to see the artificial decorated Airport . These were all for tourists.

A380 is the world largest aircraft that can carry 850 passangers at a time.This aircraft has special features that low engines sound, each seat contain LCD display, special space to keep feet, different classes - business, economy, ‘super-first’ class with double beds. Next year, the Singapore Airlines wishes to operate A380 from Singapore to London. Yeah! they also arrange honey-moon tourists that is super-first class where the couples can enjoy. In this cabin, there is double bed, wardrobe and a television for one night’s stay.Even they will get to see 23-inch flat-screen TV with a choice of 100 films and 180 TV programs, and 700 CDs. This helps tourism one step up for future generations truly.

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