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Are You Ready for a Great Budget Weekend Abroad?

Finding great, but cheap holiday destinations is becoming increasingly difficult, but thankfully there are still some left. Budapest is probably on top of the list with its numerous attractions and available activities at highly affordable prices.
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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and consists of two sides separated by a river – Buda and Pest. The city is the commerce and industry center of Hungary, but it also has rich historical heritage, which makes it suitable for a very wide range of travelers.

Whether you want to take a tour of the magnificent Buda Castle, heal your aches and pains at the GellĂ©rt Thermal Baths, or go partying from dusk till dawn in the Ruin Pubs, Budapest will make sure you have a memorable experience and don’t break the bank in the meantime. Benefit from fantastic savings on nicaragua travel , just by taking a look at
The infographic below is a great guide to the wonders of this incredible city. Whether you are planning just a short weekend getaway, or a few weeks stay to have enough time to explore, this infographic can tell you which are the sights you don’t want to miss.

This infographic was created by for those avid travellers with limited budgets.

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