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Top Five Largest Windows In The World

Windows, which can seem so plain and unassuming, are actually beautifully designed and covered openings. One of the wonders of windows is their ability to be any shape or size that can be imagined. The possibilities are endless. Whether it is a clear window or a beautiful stained glass window, they are all amazing. Here are a few of the largest windows in the world.

Resurrection Cemetery:

The largest stained glass window in the world is located in Justice, Illinois. Named by the Guiness Book of World Record's, the largest stained glass window graces Resurrection Cemetery with 2,448 faceted glass panels. Breathtakingly beautiful at night, this graceful windows quietly keeps watch.

Dubai Viewing Window:

In 2010, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo's viewing panel was named the world's largest viewing window. Measuring an impressive 32.88 meters wide and 8.3 meters high this enormous window gives visitors an impressive view of the underwater zoo. Also weighing over 245,000 kg., this window easily beat the record holder at the Churaumi Aquarium located in Okinawa, Japan.

The Space Window:

It could be argued that a window intended for outer space does not belong on a list of the largest windows in the world, but while it is still on earth, it does. This amazing window, named Cupola, will without a doubt give astronauts a stunning panoramic view of the earth and space. The window weighs an astonishing 1.6 tons, and is 3 meters wide, and 1.5 meters long. It is the largest window ever flown in space. For that alone, this window deserves to be ranked along side the other great windows.

La Sainte-Chapelle Stained Glass:

Located in Paris, France this beautiful Gothic cathedral houses some of the world's most visually stunning stained glass window panes. Over 6,458 of these window panes decorate the upper chapel. These windows are colored with rich blues and reds depicting 1,130 biblical figures. In the 1400's beautiful rose windows were also added.

Notre Dame Cathedral:

Paris' famous Notre Dame Cathedral is home to the northern rose window one of the largest of it's kind. Also called a Catherine window after St. Catherine, this famous window created by french master Jean de Chelles between 1250 and 1260. The delicate appearing, but sturdy lines of stone that not only break the glass into smaller panes, but also help support the window structurally only add to the beauty of the window. The center of the window portrays Mary holding an infant Jesus, and the surrounding panes portray old testament kings and prophets.

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision:

The glass windows at the Institute for Sound and Vision in the Netherlands present a stunning appearance. Inside the institute are the broadcasting archives, offices, and museums. The outside is a modern marvel. The building is of the cubist design, and each window pane is truly visible from a certain angle. Upon each pane of glass is an image from Dutch television. These images are what creates the colorful effect that is unique to the Dutch building.
Windows in all their forms are true works of art. While the larger windows in the world receive the acclaim and attention, they are all uniquely special.
Peter Wendt is a journalist and architect living in Austin, Texas. A majority of his buildings use glass as a main design element. If he ever needs custom glass made for his projects or repairs, he uses this glass business.

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