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Springtime Is Play Time In The Twin Cities

It’s that time of year again in the Twin Cities

Nature is starting to show its colors that have been hidden during the winter and fall. The temperature seems to be just about perfect, it’s warm enough to want to be outside but not too hot that it’s uncomfortable. Summer is right around the corner, kids are excited because summer means a break from school. Families are excited for their vacations that are fast approaching. No matter what you are looking forward to this time of year, the Twin Cities is beautiful in the springtime and there’s something for everyone to get out and enjoy the weather.

It’s time to head out to a ballgame

Spring is the perfect time to head to Target Field and support the Twins. The season is in full swing and there are plenty of days and times available to catch some action. Many local businesses offer deals for tickets and there are several promotions happening through the actual Twins organization. The Twins have days that are special for the kids, moms on Mother’s Day and offer several other giveaways to fans in attendance. That's a regular occurance, too. You can expect to leave with more than you arrived with when you go to a Twins game.

This is also a great time of year to appreciate the natural beauty that the Twin Cities offer

It’s a great time to admire Minnehaha Falls. The falls are at their strongest in the spring because of all of the water melting from the snow. You can also take advantage of the many parks and trails available in the area. The weather is perfect for hiking or if you want a bit of a longer getaway, it’s also the ideal time of year for camping. Early in the spring you can also take advantage of the unique activity that is maple syruping. There are different parks that offer classes and show exactly how to extract maple syrup.

If you are a fan of independent movies, spring is the time for you

Be sure to check out the Minneapolis-St. Paul Independent Film Festival put on by the Film Society of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The festival is held at the end of April and beginning of May each year. You can typically catch up to 40 independent films during the festival. The films are shown at various locations in the area and range in topics.

This is also a perfect time of year to enjoy the Minnesota Zoo

Farm babies there are in abundance during the month of April. You can also explore the creative side of your brain by taking in Minicon. Minicon is the Midwest’s longest running SciFi convention.
No matter what was on your to-do list for this time of year, take advantage of this spring weather. Hot temperatures will be here before you know it and spring will be another year away. And we'll all be a year older than we were last year. So make hay while you can.  

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