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You Know You're From St. Louis When...

St. Louie

It’s the home of an 11-time World Series championship winning baseball club – the Cardinals.
The St. Louis Rams have won one Super Bowl.

The BBQ is sweet and spicy, and STL eats more of it than almost anywhere else. We cut our pizza into squares, not wedges. And Nelly is the patron saint of St. Louis hip hop.

You might be from St. Louis if…
  • You know what a pork steak is. And you know they’re delicious.
  • You know what Provel is, where to put it, and why it tastes so freakin’ good. I’ll give visitors a hint: it’s not because it’s natural, or organic, or any of that fancy stuff. It is local, though – so there is that going for it.
  • You’re still bumping Nelly in a blacked-out four-door 1970s Chevy with huge rims.
  • You think you’re the archdiocese because of the arch downtown.
  • You look sideways at pizza with crust thicker than a stack of quarters.
  • You put oregano on everything. Everything.
  • The Rams kind of make you want to cry – but you keep watching, season after season.
  • You know what the loop is.
  • When someone says “Dred Scott,” you know what they’re talking about.
  • Your favorite comedian is Red Foxx. Unless you were born in the 80s – then it’s Cedric the Entertainer.
  • You expect zoos and museums to be free. “What do you mean that’ll be $37.50 for the three of us? Are you crazy?” That’s you when you visit other cities.
  • Six Flags season passes were like Super Bowl tickets when you were growing up.
  • You expect bars in other cities to stay open until 3 AM – at least.
  • You know where the 1904 World’s Fair was – even though you weren’t even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye at the time. 
  • You’re pretty sure STL is still the beer capital of the world – even though it isn’t.
  • Butter cake? Yes please! Delicious.
  • You don’t gamble, but you drink free at the casinos.
  • The loop isn’t the exclusive territory of daredevil pilots – you know what it is.
  • You think it’s stupid that there’s a city named after another state on the other side of your state.
  • You think Missouri should sell the city that shall remain nameless back to the state that’s shall remain nameless.
  • There’s no “r” in “wash.” Amirite?
  • Missouri is pronounced “Missoury,” not “Missourah.”
St. Louis – gateway to the west

You didn’t care when rappers from the west were feuding with rappers from the east. You were as bummed when Biggie got shot as you were when Tupac got shot. Even though you’re from the middle of the country, you know there’s nothing mediocre about St. Louis or the people from there. Even though every great author who ever wrote about St. Louis had nothing nice to say – William S. Burroughs, Kate Chopin, Jane Smiley – you certainly do. If you’re still here, you know why you’re still here. If you’re not, you think about how you’re going to get back, even if it’s just for vacation or to see the fam.

Kamiel Moore is a real estate expert who works for We Buy Ugly Houses STL, and she loves cupcake shops, reality TV, and getting her passport stamped when she goes on vacation.

You Know You're From St. Louis When

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