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What To Know About The What To Know About The New Massachusetts Transportation Law

What To Know About The New Massachusetts Transportation Law
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From its earliest beginnings the automotive industry has grown and expanded much farther than the earliest founders ever could have predicted. The industry itself has been essential throughout many major countries, with emphasis residing in the United States, key parts of Europe, and Asia.
Throughout the United States, our systems have adjusted to the emergence of vehicles, accommodating the fact that most people take some sort of electric or gas powered transportation every day whether that be by car, bus, or train. If you use any of these, your cost may go up. Learn how the new transportation laws in your State will influence you and your commute.

Not just drivers

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The new transportation legislation MassDOT is putting into place runs over 600 pages, and will be used for two years, where it will once again be assessed for effectiveness. Besides just influencing the finances of drivers, the new law implements a tax increase on tobacco, reaching up to $1 for a pack of cigarettes.
Throughout much of Massachusetts public transportation is important. There are two rail networks that run through Boston, one is the subway which acts in part like a light rail, and the other is a railway which provides a number of services including intercity rail, and commuter rail. For some businesses, the new transportation law means that opportunities to name these public transportation stations will become a reality. Not only will this bring in more money to MassDOT, but it will also be a way for businesses to more effectively advertise.

The effect

The main purpose of the plan is to ensure progress behind making driving safer and repairing roads that have been damaged. With an $800 million a year bill put in place, there are a few changes that are being made. Some of the most important things to note are:
  • The debate has now been started over which projects should be considered more of a priority. Although major roads are in need of work, those who are interested in fixing roads that are less traveled are nervous there will be no funding left for them.
  • There is a strong push to make improvements on I-95.
  • Certain forms of mass transportation will only be able to raise their ticket price once over the span of two years. The percentage that it can be raised is also lower than ever before
  • Toll roads are common over the east coast. With this new initiative, there will be a push towards reopening toll roads that haven’t been around for years. This includes adding tolls on the border of the state to bring in more revenue for the program.
These changes will be effective for at least a couple more years. Over this time the state will show what resources they feel are most important, and how they are going to implement the program to help revive the city’s streets.
With new transportation laws in place, it is important to take a look into how they affect you. Be aware of the changes, and how long they will be in place. Whether you normally drive your own vehicle, or take public transportation, these factors could have a strong influence on you.

Cassie Costner writes for Shine Collision on the new developments behind transportation laws. She also writes on mending your car after an accident, getting your insurance straightened out, and finding the best car for your style. 

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