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How To Find A Job In Spain

The thought of sun, sea, and sand is what lures a lot of people to give up their desk jobs in “Blight y” and set off for Spain, the trouble is that when they get there they realize they’re going to need cash to continue living their exotic dream.

Finding a job in Spain isn’t that easy, but then in comparison with the rules and regulations other countries impose on foreign workers, it isn’t that hard either. Having a plan and a realistic timeline will help you stay focused and stop you wasting your time.

If you’re a Brit living in Spain and you need to earn some money, or you’re thinking about moving and need a job to fund your new life, here are some top tips for finding a job in Spain.

Learn the language

If you’ve been on holiday to Spain you might think that everyone important speaks English so there’s no point bothering to learn the language. Unfortunately, you’re wrong and this attitude is going to make finding a job extremely difficult.

Not speaking Spanish like a local won’t be a problem but not speaking it at all will drastically reduce the amount of positions you can apply for and how well you’ll be able to fulfill the job description.

Think about what you have to offer

Different countries focus on different skills and you might find that your particular skill set or talents are rare in Spain. Typically Spanish companies will be looking for people who are capable of dealing with international customers, have a good grasp of both English and Spanish, and have excellent IT skills.
Know what you’ve got to offer an employer and then make sure you tell them about it.


Even if you’ve got an impressive looking CV unless you’ve worked for huge international conglomerates chances are Spanish HR departments will never have heard of your previous employers.

Making contacts and networking with native Spaniards in your industry or profession will give you more leverage than just expecting potential employers to recognize British companies on your CV.

Don’t act like a tourist

No employer is going to want to take someone on that’s only going to be around for the summer, unless you’re applying for a job in a beach bar! You need to take job applications seriously and have some answers ready when you’re asked why you’ve come to Spain.

Act first, think later

Spanish recruiters are pretty cut throat so if they make you an offer, take it. In Spain it is a big interview fax pa to mention that you’ve got interviews with other companies and it might even cause them to reject your application.

When you’re looking for jobs in Spain you’ve got to think like a Spanish recruiter would and act accordingly. Unlike in this country talking about a better offer from another company isn’t a useful bargaining tool, it’s a sure fire way to be shown the door!

Wendy Lin is a free-lance writer who enjoys traveling abroad with her private consultancy business and spending time with her family and dogs. 

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