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Is It All About Customer Loyalty?

Is It All About Customer Loyalty
Or are we just too lazy to look for a better deal? Apparently only about half of us have changed our mobile phone operator in the last three years. And if we’re over the age of 55 only about 1 in 5 of us is likely to have changed in the last three years.

If we’re under 25 we’re more likely to switch around. It seems for most of us once we sign up with one mobile phone network we stay there unless we are unsatisfied with the service or we are tempted by a cheaper deal?

Are we surprised to learn that men are less likely to remain loyal or maybe that should read more likely to take the time to find the best deal?

Some might say that now that mobile phone contracts are lasting a minimum of two years, this has a bearing. Maybe it is only the more youthful amongst us who are desperate to change their handsets as soon as a new model appears?

Customer loyalty

Many brands – not just in the mobile phone arena – go to great lengths to win and keep our loyalty. Think of promotions from the big corporations like loyalty cards such as Tesco’s Clubcard or Waitrose ‘My Waitrose’ card.

According to ‘to build customer loyalty, customer experience management blends the physical, emotional and value elements of an experience into one cohesive experience.’

It is also commonly known in business that it costs less to retain existing customers than to court new ones. This by no means explains the complexity of customer loyalty but just gives us a small insight.

Cut above

How does Apple do it? Why are iPhones the must-have smartphone? Well it started with exceptional design and functions and there’s no doubt this was also about status too. To own an iPhone was ‘everyone’s’ dream. The iPhone is the designer label of smartphones.

But now other manufacturers are catching up. Samsung has built up a big smartphone following for its Galaxy series with the latest one, the S4 giving the iPhone a run for its money.

Other mobile phone manufacturers aren’t sitting still either. All will be vying to build that brand loyalty too.

Mobile phone insurance

So it is with mobile phone insurance too. You may not think that but it’s true. If you can find an insurance company – no matter which product you are insuring – that gives you a really good deal i.e. reasonable outlay for great cover, then you are likely to look at them first next time round too.

What you need to look for is comprehensive cover in the areas that you feel you might need protection. With mobile phones it’s likely to be cracked screens, water damage and loss of phone.

Check policies for how these areas are covered and how often you can claim over the course of a year. See how you are covered if your phone is stolen. For instance are you covered for calls made whilst your phone is missing?

Mobile insurance certainly helps to ensure you are not left without your valuable smartphone for longer than you have to be.
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