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Laboni Beach

Laboni Beach (one of the best point of Cox's Bazaar Beach)

It is the primary shore of Cox's Bazar. At here we can easily like the scenic magnificence of Bay of Bengal. Its a spot for happiness, numerous individuals come here incorporating the foreigners.

Laboni Beach
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The vacation spot is overall acknowledged throughout sunsets and sunrise, where individuals can witness the sea as it changes its colors twice in a day.visitors can sunbathe, surf, run, cycle, and swim.

Laboni Beach
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It is best for swimming and relaxation.close to the beach, there are a mess of small shops selling souvenirs, provincially made cigars & excellence products (sandal wood based), high quality clothes, bunk sheets, dresses, shoes and shore accessories to the is a superb put for our tourism.
Laboni Beach
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Laboni Beach

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