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Inani Beach

Inani Beach

It is inside Ukhia Thana, 35 km. to the south of Cox's Bazar.

With green hills to the east, the resplendent vacation spot of Inani casts a music spell on anybody stepping onto its fine brilliant sands. The clean blue waters of the Bay are perfect for swimming.

It is considered the planet's longest and broadest beach: 180m at high tide and 300m at low tide.
Inani Beach
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Inani Beach
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Inani Beach
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The most effective method to Go :
To get here, take a bus to Teknaf and get off at Court Bazar (30km), a modest village 2km preceding Ukhia. From that point, you can rickshaw or rhythm west to the vacation spot, 10 km away. Assuming that you're set out toward the guesthouse, ask the rickshaw driver to give you a chance to off at the small village of Sonarpara. From that point, walk south until you achieve the guesthouse. On the other hand, enlist a jeep from Cox's Bazar to take you straight to Inani using the scenic vacation spot track.

Fascination :

Backdrop of lush green hills rising on the east.
Unusual shaped rock and coral boulders scattered lavishly in the vacation spot and through the sea.
Calm tidal pond which is superb for the minimal ones to oar in .
Getting on the rock & coral boulders with the waves washing up on the shore around you, will be a to a great degree restorative experience .the shore
Getting on the rock & coral boulders with the waves washing up on around you, will be a to a great degree helpful experience .

Inani Beach
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Beach combing.
 Shark free water is suitable for sea showering.
The sea stretching out endless to the west.
Seashells of diverse colors , shapes , and sizes are discovered along here . 
Fringed with tall palm trees swaying delicately in the breeze .

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