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DEMU train service Lanunched in Bangladesh
Traffic Jam is not a new problem to any Mega city of any country. You all heard DEMU train which stands for "Diesel Electrical Multiple Unit" train. Every body living in developed countries are widely know about this train. It is true that DEMU has made difference with normal locomotive trains.

Recently, Bangladesh Railway bought DEMU train to ease their routine transportation which made a milestone because it is very difficult to make a good transportation in this huge density city.

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Presently, Bangladesh is preparing to launch this DEMU train to many district levels which would help to make journey more flexible.From a source,it has noted that this DEMU contains 300 people at a time.
Bangladesh has different tourists places. This DEMU train has launched between Dhaka and Narayanganj. We all know that Narayanganj is one of the best tourism destination in Bangladesh. Sonargaon is inside the Narayanganj and it was capital of Mughals. Sonargaon was the part of capital from the Sultanate associated with Bengal. Now, tourists will be helpful to visit to  Sonargaon, the old city.

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