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About Bangladesh

 About Bangladesh

 Bangladesh is one of the beautiful country in Asia. Its situation is very important for South East Asia and South Asia. This is because it is plane land area. Its two sites are mountainous region and one side Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh - a coastal country surrounded by Indian Border on North-West-East, Burmese Border on East-South, and sea- Bay Of Bengal on Southern side.
Capital City: DHAKA.
Languages: 1st Bangla and 2nd English.
Population: 150,448,340 ( nearly) / World Rank- 7th.
Currency: Taka.
Time Zone: +6 GMT
Climate: Summer - March to June; Winter - October to March; Rainy Monsoon - June to October.
Industries for export: leather goods, garments, plastics, beverages, etc.
Import for industries: Raw Materials, Iron, etc.
International Airports: Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.
Other Airport: Jessor, Saidpur, Barisal, Cox's Bazar.
Transportations: Taxi, Rent-a-car, Rikshaw, Seating AC or Non-AC Bus, Train, Plane.
National Flower IS LILLY. National Fruit is JACK FRUIT. National Bird is DOWEL. National Transport is RICKSHAW. National Tea Color is GREEN/BLACK.

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