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Boishakhi Mela 2012 Review

Part 11

Boishakhi Mela means "Boishakhi Season Fair". The reason is that, in this fair, the local people show their product that are mostly made by local raw materials. People usually make lots of toys which made by woods and plastics. These toys are color for attraction to children. There are also other home decorated item sell which are made by local woods and bamboos. There are also other products such as burned soil made products such as "pora matir hari" which is commonly know as container that contain food. This "hari" is used to contain various food as people believe that food taste different than steel container. 

The fair celebrate various place  in Bangladesh. This is a traditional methods to invite "Boishakhi". The fair takes place in villages and cities. Local businessmen attract local people with colorful decoration, cultural celebration, magical shows and different games like carousel,
When Boshakhi comes village people usually celebrate with raw mangoes because these mangoes are used to make pickles that are also export to different countries. Bangladeshi mangoes are very tasty so demand is much higher. Although mangoes production are much higher but it can not full fill local demands. Many factories buy these mangoes because of special quality and taste. Now, come with Lychees. These are really delicious food. Rajshahi Lychees are very famous because of sweet taste and size is giant naturally because of soil condition. In addition, when Boishakhi comes you can find various fresh fruits which is really mouthwatering.

In London,  Boishakhi Mela celebrated in Banglatown where people celebrate on street like carnival which is second celebration in UK. People usually celebrate with cultural celebration where about approximately eighty thousands come from around the UK.

source: Mela News Service

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