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Bangladesh: Bangladesh and its beauty Bangladesh and its beauty - Bangladesh

Bangladesh and its beauty

Bangladesh and its beauty

Bangladesh is a green country. When you observe the land in this country then you will see paddy fields where many farmer works. This is very unique scene through out the country. There is one largest mangrove forests which named as “Sundar Bon”. Here, “sundar” means “beautiful” and “bon” means “forest”. The forest is on the coastal-line with marshy jungle where thousands of animal lives together to make an ecosystem. Tiger is very famous in this forest. Royal Bengal Tiger is an endangered animal in world tiger family. Then, come to tell about deer which is very locative and golden color animal in this forest. Magpie-robin or “Doyel or Doel” is the National Bird in Bangladesh. This bird is widely scene anywhere around the country. You will observe many Magpie-robin monuments too many tourist spots.

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