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Rangamati Village Tour

Rangamati Village Tour

                    Rangamati Village Tour is one of the fantastic tourist spots in Bangladesh. This village is also called “Lake City” because the town is located on the western bank of Lake, Kaptai.
The town is important for its hill-tracts district which is one of the head-quarter in Bangladesh.

                                  In the village, you can see the local tribes living style. Here, the types of tribal people are still unknown but in locally Marma and Chakmas are widely seen with Chinese-Bangla faces. From history, these tribes come from Burma and China. However, there are also Bangalee people who settle for many years back.
                                There are many hotels/motels/international cuisine restaurants into the district. Tourists have opportunity to book wide range of hotels like AC, NON-AC, and Cottages. As the district is well-establish for tourist, the life is really enjoyable. This spot depends on tourists thus locals are very help for communication. They know English and can suggest any thing.

                                 This district is not flat but full of green hills has lots of attractive places to visit such as Hanging Bridge, Cultural Museum, beautiful landscape, scenic beauty lake side etc. There are also many things to do such as fishing and boating on lake, hiking into green hilly forests and so on. You will be overwhelmed to see many water falls from hills here and there.

                                You can also enjoy buying local made textile products. These products are very low casts and those exported to abroad with high prices.

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