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Bangladesh: Poyela Boishakh or Happy Bengali New Year or শুভ নববর্ষ : ১ ৪ ১ ৮ সাল... Poyela Boishakh or Happy Bengali New Year or শুভ নববর্ষ : ১ ৪ ১ ৮ সাল... - Bangladesh

Poyela Boishakh or Happy Bengali New Year or শুভ নববর্ষ : ১ ৪ ১ ৮ সাল...

বাংলাদেশ তুরিস্ম দত ব্লগ স্পট দত কম  Special Edition 2011 or ১ ৪ ১ ৮ বাংলা তারিখ ...
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 Happy Bengali New Year or Poyela Boishakh or শুভ নববর্ষ  (bengali sound : Nôbobôrsho) : পহেলা বৈশাখ Pôhela Boishakh
"Nobo" means "new" and "Borsho" means "year'

Welcome to Bengali/Bangladeshi New Year, 1418. This new year is celebrated in Bangladesh from long years ago.Celebration of this Bangladeshi New has been started by Mu-gal Emperor Akbar. From that day, Akbar announced halkhata or new book of accounts should be introduced by land lords to get pay tax from farmers. In this way, the land lords should distribute sweets to all farmers and introduce different festival like fair to entertained the farmers.

Fatehullah Shirazi was the father of Bengali New Year কেলেন্ডার. He was a renowned scholar and astronomer so he has done a successful task to make this calendar with the help of local calendar and Hijri calendar (Arabian Calendar).

In Bangladesh, people usually celebrate Bengali New Year like Eidul-Fitr ( Islamic religion culture). They wear new clothes and distribute or share food with any class of people (no difference between poor or rich, no difference between any religion). Like in Islam, any non-religion people are welcome to celebrate Ramadan or (Roza). Here, in Boishakhi, Bangladeshi or non-Bangladeshi are welcome to celebrate among each other, there is no religion barrier or any culture barrier. This is really a fantastic idea gave by Akbar to make people come together and celebrate a new year carnival or Pohela Carnival.

People usually go Ramna Park in this day to celebrate this colorful festival nation wide on a open green fields. Lots of amusements are taken place from Bangladeshi Culture  such as horse races, hen fights, cockfights, flying pigeons, boat racing and different folk songs take place.

Festival Morning Food: "Pantta Bhat( Bangla Pronoun-cation) / পান্ত্তা ভাত " or "Watery Rice with two green chilies". In addition, people eat pantta with different types of spicy items including Hilsha Fish Fry, Dal, Kabaab, Alu-Egg mixed bharta and also with Bangla Cultural food.

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