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Bangladesh: World Cup 2011 is knocking on 18th Feb... World Cup 2011 is knocking on 18th Feb... - Bangladesh

World Cup 2011 is knocking on 18th Feb...

World Cup 2011 is Knocking???

Yes, due to shortage of my time, I may not continue for next few months. So, I decided to post few articles from now on. World Cup 2011 will be held the opening ceremony in Bangladesh on 18th February 2011.This will be real global celebration in Bangladesh. I used to read many books about sports.When I was just 12 years old, I read in a book about Olympic in Sydney.
Yes, Sydney! Sydney was not developed like today. It was completely built new town with stadiums. The whole country was prepared for Olympic.However, I did not see any development for this world cup 2011 in Asian countries like Bangladesh, India and Sri-Lanka. So, for me it is pathetic. However, I have hope that the tri-nations should show something new; otherwise we all will be lack behind from developed nations.

World Cup 2011 is the best time to visit Bangladesh as the season will be winter. You will be amazed to see the cool beach. I will obviously recommend you to visit the port city, Chittagong.

For you, I have decided to upload a "World Cup Count Down Clock" photo. This is the latest count down clock.

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WorldCup2011 Photo by Salvi@2010.

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