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Bangladesh: Cox’s Bazaar Season of the year.//part-4. Cox’s Bazaar Season of the year.//part-4. - Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazaar Season of the year.//part-4.

The Cox’s bazaar beach is land of seven distinct, if somewhat unpredictable seasons – with summer season hot, winter season cold, autumn season blossom, spring season beautiful weather, rain season truly rain, late spring and stormy season (Boishakhi months).However, I think you will get different experience to travel in Cox's Bazaar in different seasons.

Winter Activities            
At winter, the sea remains cool and calm. You can go for hiking and trekking on the hills. Sometimes, you may not see anything due to fog. However, you can go around the sea by speed boat. It is truly memorable journey to me. Many tourists enjoy the beach volleyball, badminton and so on.

Summer Activities
At summer, the sky is blue. People usually swim on the costal regions. Sometime, waves become enough for surfer. Hopefully, it is the best weather to pass relaxation time. You can drink coconut water from trees. Again, this time you can play beach cricket and football. It is better time to travel to Cox's Bazaar in summer.

Boishakhi (Stormy month) Activities
At stormy month, you will obviously enjoy the daring storms that hit costal areas.I recommend you to book a coastal region hotel to get experience.  This is the Bengali New Year. On the first day of Boishakhi, it is the government New Year holiday. People enjoy that day with full of enthusiasm like Eid. They wear colorful dresses to go to see dance and music on stages at different places in cities. The day is truly romantic for farmers.

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