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Dhaka ZOoooO!

Dhaka Zoo
Dhaka Zoo is the national zoo of Bangladesh. Here, you can find many fascinating animals such as tigers, lions, monkeys, pythons, hippopotamus, elephant, zebra, peacock, deer, black bear, parrot and so on. You will be overwhelmed to see Royal Bengal Tiger, crocodile, cheetah, rhinoceros, chimpanzee etc. There are also many reptiles, aquarium fishes, birds in many spots to attract visitors. Among birds eagles and owls are very locative. The park has enough space to take rest. Most of the animals are enclosed by nets. This is because when you will hear the roar sound of lion, you will feel safe. There are also elephant riding which will make you more excitement. In winter, you will observe many birds in these. The park is not far away from the heart of the city. To view the location, Please click map here.

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