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Bangladesh: Rainy Season in Cox’s Bazaar Rainy Season in Cox’s Bazaar - Bangladesh

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Rainy Season in Cox’s Bazaar

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Rough Beach during the rainy seasons.
Rainy Day Tour

Visiting COX'S BAZAAR in rainy season will be great idea at this moment. The reason is that that you will be thrilled to see the water wave dancing on the seashore with powerful wave sounds. This will be truly memorable in your life. Bathing on the seashore, in the rainy season will relax your body and mind.

Cox's Bazaar is the world's longest continuous beach.There are many hotels near the beach among them Sea-Gull, Sea-Palace and Sea-Crown. Sea-Crown is just few yardss away from the sea-shore. So, if you are lucky to book a seat there; then you will enjoy the paranomic view of the beach from your bed and corridor. However, it is not 5 Star Hotel but food tastes good.

Hotel Sea-Gull was named given from a common bird "Sea-Gull" which is very popular here. You will also able to view the beach from your room but not like too close such as Sea-Crown. However, everything is five star standard. Food tastes really cool from different items.

Sea-Palace is also a good standard with ample of car spaces. This means the car parking is good and safe especially those like to come here by self-driving.

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