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Cool And Refreshment Tour

Ramadan has just been over. The city is mostly empty. It is the perfect time to escape towards the tourism site. That is why, Cox's Bazaar Sea Beach hotels have improved a lot with more discount than before. The hotels have announced special tour package either by plane or buses. Most of the hotels are giving discount on food items. It would be better to book the hotels with journey as soon as possible.The city is now much safer than before.The beach water is very active to see the water splashing with hush hush sound that make your mind clean. More facilities have been added such as beach observation tower. It would be great to buy sea made items.From there you may go to St. Martine Coral Island. This island is perfect to see the rocks through transparent clean sea water. It is not end, there are other places such as sundar ban, kuakata beach, patenga beach and many more.

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