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Bangladesh: Sundarbans – a natural endangered animal home land. Sundarbans – a natural endangered animal home land. - Bangladesh

Sundarbans – a natural endangered animal home land.




Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This forest is well known for Royal Bengal Tiger and Golden Deer. It is in wet land region that means it has natural ecosystem that keep forest beautiful. The name of this forest ‘sundarban’ comes from a name of a tree ‘sundar tree’. The whole forests are on splinting islands. So, to visit that forest, visitors must take permission from the entry point of the jungle. Visitors must bear forest guard, a speed boat or watercraft and a guide to smooth their journey. Beware of tiger; they may not be your friend. Yeah, visitor will definitely move through canals between cracking islands but if you like to walk into the deep forest then take your own risk.

At the end of the canals, there is a big sea "Bay of Bengal". So, it would be your exotic journey.

There are more than thousands of endanger birds and animals in the forest. There are more than 235 species of animals, 270 species of bird, 160 species of fish, 50 species of snake and crocodile on estimation and statistical data. In estimation, more than 400 Royal Bengal Tiger are still present there. The animals which are common in the forests such as

Deer, monkey, lizard, python, crocodile, and so on.

How to come to this forest from your home?

Yeah, fist upon check your nearest travel service for journey to Dhaka by airlines. Book your any desire hotel before boarding aircraft. Then after reaching the hotel, tell them to arrange your journey to Sundarban. You may chose by aircraft or paddle steamer. These are all depend on your arrangement style. Make sure you are entering in a pure forest so take all necessary items such as medics, tents and so on.

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