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Bangladesh: Bandarban- a green hill forest. Bandarban- a green hill forest. - Bangladesh

Bandarban- a green hill forest.

Bandarban- a hills side


It is the hilly region in Bangladesh. Many hills are estimated 2000 to 5000 feet from sea-level. The whole hills are covered by green forests. There are some resorts for hill entertainments. And, there are different types of known and unknown trees. It would be wonder to see different types of animal such as elephants, pig, fox, and varieties of birds. Still, many things are undiscovered. Here, you will find many indigenous people. These people are working with woods. They grow many fruits and vegetables on the hills. This area can be compare with Nepal and Mongolia. (Actually in the history, there were two kings in Tibet so one king stay in Nepal and other king move to Bandarban, which was under the king. But now the king does not exist.) However, Still in Bandarban you can get old time experience. You may see the local people are making and selling their own style clothes. Yeah, there you may see different color of sugar cane which usually grow in this hilly region. It would be better to take guide for better journey. If you have like to visit the Cox’s bazaar beach then it will take 4 hrs hills driving to reach there. In addition, you can walk freely around the hilly village to know the life of the local people.

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