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Bangladesh Attractions

" see the beauty on the cool and calm sea-beach" PHOTO BY SALVI.
old arcives here!
Tourism industry has further developed in BANGLADESH. This is because Bangladeshi sea-beach and forests are keeping its natural ecosystem. If you compare other countries, most of the beaches have high maintenance but not a single turtles, snails exists. So, the natural system must keep natural but should not make into artificial by lighting or night party center. Bangladeshi has largest unbroken sea beach. This beach are maintain by the local born people. Local people keep the beach safe by allowing turtles, snails and other sea-creatures to live safely.This beach has situated beside plane land and hills side by side.

Tourists attractions are end-less. They like to watch varieties of flowers, birds, green hilly mountains, tea gardens, sea-beach and so on. When they see some thing special then they become attracted like sharp tiger eyes. This give them relaxation and tension free. Actually, Every family should take tour different countries to get knowledge and become happy. This is how health can improve.

The Beauty Of Bangladesh is endless and undiscovered in the world.
13 February is Bangladeshi New Years Day. The tourists who are visiting Bangladesh are the lucky person. Best Wishes all lucky tourists. Bangladesh is a natural green country where many things can be seen together.

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