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Bangladesh: Setting Itinerary for first-time solo traveler in SE Asia - January 2019 Setting Itinerary for first-time solo traveler in SE Asia - January 2019 - Bangladesh

Setting Itinerary for first-time solo traveler in SE Asia - January 2019

Hi, I'm in the preliminary stages of planning my first solo trip through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia and was hoping for some insight from those more experienced than me. I am an early 20's white guy from New York, so that's where flights will be based from. My current layout is this:

12/28-1/5 Hanoi

Flight to Vientiane

1/5-1/7 Vientiane

Night train night of 1/7 to Bangkok

1/8-1/13 Bangkok

Flight to Siem Reap

1/13-1/16 Siem Reap

Bus to Phnom Penh

1/16-1/8 Phnom Penh

Bus to HCMC

1/18-1/24 Ho Chi Minh City

Flight home

My first question is does this layout look feasible/ ideal for a solo trip? I've already mapped out AirBNBs throughout each place so lodging will not be an issue for planning, and I could always get a hostel bed if needed, but I don't think hostels are for me.

I've checked the flight itinerary (multi-city from home airport to Hanoi, HCMC back to home airport) and it is about $850 if I were to book it now, but dates in September and October for the same route are as low as $650. Do you think the December/January dates will go down as it gets a little closer, or will Christmas/New Year's pretty much keep the price up?

I essentially want to see and do the big tourist things, which I've pretty much just been reading travel blogs, here, and r/travel to figure out what they are, and some side trips off of that, like I was looking at day trips from Hanoi to Halong Bay and stuff like that. I love the outdoors and know that will play a major part in the planning of this, but I am a very inexperienced hiker so I want to avoid anything too crazy. I would love to hear suggestions of things to do in some of these places that I might not find while just reading the generic travel websites for these places.

I am not completely unfamiliar with SE Asia, I worked/lived in Manila for a few months previously, but don't know how relevant that experience will be to this.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who actually reads the wall of text I've posted and for any help/advice!

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