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Bangladesh: Ok so I’m getting REALLY nervous. Ok so I’m getting REALLY nervous. - Bangladesh

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Ok so I’m getting REALLY nervous.

I’m leaving in exactly two weeks for my west coast road trip. I don’t feel ready at all.

We’re flying in to San Diego and picking up a nice Jeep rental, so thankfully that portion is taken care of. I’m nervous because besides that, we don’t have absolutely anything booked as far as places to stay. We’re trying to hit up big national parks and I’m aware spots to camp fill up quick.

We’ve already mapped out the trip and we’re taking 3 weeks exactly to try and see (in order): San Diego, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon (in CA, I didn’t realize how many parks also share this name!), Mammoth Lakes, Yosemite, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Santa Monica, then back to San Diego and back home.

I’m flying in from the east coast and this will be my first time ever going to the west. I’ve already accepted the fact that some nights we might have to sleep in the car or whatever else we have to do. We do plan on camping a majority of the time too. Our plan was to just figure it out a day or two ahead of time while we’re on the road in areas that we can go on the internet or make calls. We’d see what camps were available in the parks and then if not, have back up plans for other camp sites or wherever else.

We have the right supplies for this kind of trip, I’m just so worried that we get out there and every place is booked. I know there’s free camping outside and around the parks, but then I’m afraid of not having any service and getting hopelessly lost and stranded some how. How can someone make this kind of road trip possible?

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