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Looking for recs - Dakar to Dublin

Hey friends! I've lurked for a while here. I'm going to have a lot of time abroad this summer due to work, including:

  • 3 weeks in Dakar
  • Somehow getting from Cyprus/Greece to Dublin within 2 -3 days

I'll have a fair amount of SCUBA equipment to lug around, so I won't be traveling super light, but I'd love recommendations on any of the following questions I have!

  • Does anyone have recommendations for a weekend trip outside of Dakar? I have a host of to-dos and must-sees inside the city, but my weekends are mine!
  • Is it worth taking a train up from Southern Europe to France/England, or should I just fly and spend a few days in a city where it's cheap to get to Dublin (thinking London)?

Thanks all - this'll be my first extended trip on my own, and I'm excited!

Submitted May 14, 2018 at 02:47PM by mahaliasingstheblues

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