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Roundtrip Train from Hanoi to Dong Hoi Vietnam Questions

Hey guys, so I was posting here because I had some confusion with booking train tickets in March.

I've looked at four different sites and they're all giving me different information.

  2. Vietnamrailways

My main concern is that, I am seeing train availability on 2 and 4. However 3 shows that there are none that exist. From my understanding, 3 is the official website of vietnam train system.

I am just confused as to why this confusion is coming up? 

A little background information: This is my first time traveling to Vietnam and using their railway system. And my first time in South East Asia for that matter. I'm flying in to Hanoi from Bangkok on 3/17 and was planning on taking the train down to Phong Nha. Then taking the train back up to Hanoi where I will be flying to South Korea. I just want to make sure I can find tickets, especially going back up to Hanoi that are legit, so I won't be stranded and potentially miss my flight. I also am not vietnamese, so I could have had an issue with language using the official site (#3). I relied on google chrome page translator.

Thank you.

Submitted January 12, 2018 at 05:49PM by johnseeks

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