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Need some opinions

So I’m planning to go to Bali this May on a solo trip but I was planning on volunteering for 2 weeks with an organization called Plan My Gap Year just so I can get comfortable in a foreign country and have some support/people to meet when I get there. This will be my first solo trip and I just wanted some opinions on whether this is a smart idea or not. The volunteer program is pretty inexpensive too (works out to about $50 a day) and seems to be well known and a good choice.

Also just want to know if Bali is really the right destination for me. I’m planning on just going where the wind blows after the program is up. Probably stay in Bali for another 2 weeks+ and then travel to another part of Indonesia or maybe Thailand. I’ve always been a pretty independent guy, I’ll be 21 when I’m going and I’m pretty outgoing, shy at times but given an opportunity to make friends I’ll take it. Just getting a little nervous about everything.

Submitted January 13, 2018 at 12:41AM by yon2323

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