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Bangladesh: 7 Places To Visit In Bangladesh BEFORE YOU TURN 30 7 Places To Visit In Bangladesh BEFORE YOU TURN 30 - Bangladesh

7 Places To Visit In Bangladesh BEFORE YOU TURN 30

1. Explore Jaflong, Madhabkunda waterfall, Srimongal

It is situated in North-East of the country. There are many tea gardens and water fall. It is situated in Sylhet District.

2. Camp In The Sundarbans - the largest mangroove forests in the world.

Sunder Ban is the only largest mangrove forest in the world. Royal Bengal tiger's birth and reserved places in the world. It is the world natural heritage sites.

3. Solo trip to Bandarban, Khagrachari and other hilly areas.

Bandarban is one of the hilly region in Bangladesh. Here, anyone can find different types of animal, birds, mountains, fountains, and so on. It would be very beautiful to see the scenery of the area from top of the mountain. It would take 4 hours journey by bus to Bandarban from cox's bazaar.

4. Patenga sea beach - paranomic view

This beach is situated in South-East of Bangladesh. Thousands of tourists come here to see the pristine beauty of the beach. Its great advantage is that the beach is shark free and the port is not far away. Any body can see the long vessels.

5. Enchant your spirit in Kuakata beach - both sunset and sunrise can be watch

This sea beach is situated southern side. Here facilities are not very excellent but still thousands of tourists are coming to sea the natural beauty. The beach is very excellent to view from far away. It is connected with Barisal district.

6. Explore The Bangabandhu Safari Park at cox’s Bazaar(ex- Dulahazari Safari Park ).

This is the only safari park in Bangladesh. However, one can able to watch the different type of Asian animals in one place. It takes one hour from the cox's bazaar beach. This park is beautiful to see. No doubt many people come here with their children. Variety of animal can be watch from the top observation tower. This tower is especially designed for tourists. There are many animals which are free to move. Obviously some animal is inside a zone for tourists safety. The most popular animals are Lion- the king of the forests as well as safari park, Tiger- The Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer- golden-brown color, Lizard, Frogs, snakes, Crocodiles, Horses and ponies, turtles, sparrow, pigeons, crow, king-fishers, Parrots, elephants, Goral, monkeys, Giraffes, Zebras and many more !

7. Stay overnight at Marine Drive in the Cox's Bazar - the longest sea beach

It is world natural and unbroken longest sea beach. This is one of the shark free beach in the world. However, its deep sea is still undiscovered. Only, few fisher men are bringing different type of snails, fishes, and other sea creatures.  

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