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31 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

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 31 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Since the last post, you have already know about how to save money while traveling to Bangladesh.Today, I have decided to write the name of 31 best places where you can visit in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a collage of animated scenes which comprise bustling modern cities crowded with Rick-Shaw and Private Cars. You will see historical Mosques around the country which are tended by white pajama-Punjabi Sunni Mullahs, hill tribes selling handicrafts, fertile landscapes spotted with usual farming villages, very old ruins in addition to eye-catching coastlines peppered with beautiful beaches along with blue sea
Such a fascinating representation explains why Bangladesh is Southeast Asia’s mainly accepted tour destination. This impression of the best places to visit in Bangladesh shows where to discover the civilizing, historic as well as usual attractions. For an insight in Bangladesh’s mainly accepted island as well as beaches with attractive beach by the side of with blue sea.

1. Shaheed Minar
2. Rangamati
3. St. Martin's Island
4. Patenga beach
5 .Lalbagh Fort
6.Heritage Park
7. Jatiyo Smriti Soudho
8. Foy's Lake
9. Jatiya Sangshad
10. Somapura Mahavihara
11.Bagha Mosque
12.Madhabkunda waterfall
13.Lawachara National Park
15. Kuakata Beach
16.Varendra Research Museum
17.Behula Lakshindar Basor Ghor
18.Ahsan Manzil
19.Lalbagh Fort
20.Mosque City of Bagerhat
22.Baitul Mukarram
23.Mosque City of Bagerhat
24.Bara Katra
25. Curzon Hall
26. Bangladesh National Museum
27. Mosque City of Bagerhat
28. Suhrawardy Udyan
29.Greek Memorial
30.Ahsan Manzil
31. Sundarbans

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