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Nando's Restaurant

Nando's Restaurant 

Nando’s View

Nando’s is a good chain restaurant in Dhaka. At this moment, they have two restaurants in the city. One is at Gulshan and another is at Dhanmondi. There are actually serving South African and Portugal dishes with original recipes.There food is very tasty. Nando’s actually focus on chicken items with different options such as flame-grilled, lemon and herb, hot and extra-hot.

 It is true that the food at Nando’s is very expensive but if you can afford that much you will feel great taste. They have four storied building at Gulshan. The restaurant is neat and clean. The waiters are very helpful with good knowledge in English. They will serve you the best possible to make you satisfied. They also offer many types of deserts and cakes. You will be truly felt watery in your mouth to see their famous desserts. When you first take a piece of cake you will be overwhelmed that how come the cake dissolves in your mouth within seconds.

Cooking Hygienic: The cooking space is very neat and clean. You can also pack your desire food for home. They also offering different types of sauces that can be find in any local stores.

Shop: They sometimes offer to sell South African T-shirts. If you buy the T-Shirt, you will get variety of designs

Nando’s at Gulshan is truly a relaxing place with friends and family. Here, you can chat with your business colleagues. Nando’s has wide space available for all types of programs.

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