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Bangladesh: Pizza Hut ~ mouth watering pizzas. Pizza Hut ~ mouth watering pizzas. - Bangladesh

Pizza Hut ~ mouth watering pizzas.

Pizza Hut is now upgrading their items to new delicious pizza and pasta. Cheesy Bites is totally new item and another 16 new items have been added just few days back. They have also included new appetizers, salad, toppings etc. Let’s look on appetizers; they added new appetizers such as potato shell with cheese/fillers, cheese tortilla, and fried potato wedges. Pasta mint Salad is a new one on salad items. Spicy Tomato is a special new item in pasta. Pizza Hut is offering three types of pizza such as stuffed crust, pan pizza and thin’n crispy pizza. Again, I like to focus on Cheesy Bites. Yes, these pizzas look very attractive however the cost is not much attractive due to its heavy decoration. However, I like their new delicious pizza at Pizza Hut. They have now three outlets in Dhaka city and one outlet in Chittagong, port city.

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