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Dhaka Life Dhaka Style


Dhaka - welcome you the best place!

Welcome to New Dhaka with full of enthusiasm! Fantastic city!


Dhaka Shopping Spree!!!

 Yes, there are many shopping mall/center in Bangladesh.
These are the popular shops in Dhaka to buy local made products both western and local Dresses.

A. Shopping Malls :
  1. Metro Shopping Mall
  2. Bashundhara City
  3. Jamuna Future Park

B. Shopping Complex/Plaza/centesr:
  1. Twin City Concord Shopping Complex
  2. Rapa Plaza
  3. Eastern Plaza
  4. Nahar Plaza
  5. Eastern Mallika
  6. Orchid Point
  7. Alpona Plaza
  8. Navana Shopping Center
  9. Rajluxmi Complex
  10. Royal Plaza
  11. Mascot Plaza
  12. DCC Market
  13. Pink City
  14. Karnafuly City Garden
  15. Multiplan Center
  16. Rajmoni Ishakha Shopping Complex
  17. Capital Market
  18. Mascot Plaza
  19. North Tower

C. Boutique House and Shops:
  1. Mayasir
  2. Mantra
  3. Arong
  4. Kay Kraft
  5. Kumudini
  6. Banglar Mela
  7. Rang
  8. Shada Kala
  9. She
  10. Nagordola
  11. OG
  12. Jatra
  13. Dressy Dala
  14. Probortana
  15. Shahrookh's
  16. Lebasse
  17. Aranya

D. Western and Local Dress Shops:
1. Cats Eye
2. Seal
3. Le Reeve
4. Infinity
5. Westecs
6. Apex Shoe Gallery
7. Bata House

E. Markets:
  1. New Market
  2. Mouchak Market
  3. Baitul Mukarram Market
  4. Palwel Super Market

Mega Shop/:
  1. Nandan Mega Shop

  1. BCS Computer City

G. Electronic Shop:
  1. Stadium Market

1. Shanti Nagar Bazaar
2. Rampura Bazaar

Hotels in Dhaka

High quality accommodations are adding in the hotels directory day by day. Despite global recessions, most of the hotels in this country do not feel any effect. Instead, it is very difficult to find a room for booking. There are lots of star hotels in the city such as 5*, 4*, 3*, etc. Most of the 5 star hotels have lots of facilities such as GYM, Fitness Center, Laundry Service, ATM card service,Gift Shop, Saloon for male/female,Sauna, baby sitting service,gift shops,Indoor and Outdoor Pool,all type of computer using facilities with fiber optic back-bone internet,Travel and Tour Desk, mini-library, Limousine Service, business centers,Spa message, Steam Bath/Room and 24-hrs room service and so on. There are many 5 Star hotels in Dhaka such as

 Dhaka is one of the world busiest and mega cities. In denial, Dhaka is like a line of ants as developing is in few seconds. Last five years, selling of cars is 30% increased. Not only this, anyone can find world newest to oldest cars. Rickshaw is the best way to loitering in Dhaka. Viewing DHAKA from the sky-scrapers can give any one a glowing ray of light. Its population is very high compare to any other city. As days pass, high rise buildings are increasing like bees. It looks very attractive to the city sky-scrapers. More than 1 million people live here. Still, you will see many historical places in old and new cities. In old city, you will find thousands of years back mosques, buildings, castle, parks, museums, heritages sites, archaeological palace, and so on. Old style food is very popular because this food is prepared with the same menu from the mogul time. Obviously, there are many fast foods, Deshi food (Bangladeshi cuisine), local and home made food available in whole city. There are also many posh and luxury restaurants such ad Chinese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, American, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani and so on. Opus! I have just forgotten about Chain restaurants and Bakeries such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Kings, and so on. In addition, there are many pool clubs, tennis courts, and other entertainment facilities. There are many taxi cabs, luxury city and outer city buses that run on the smooth roads.So, enjoy your city tour.It is very enjoyable to take a long drive that will give you more entertainments.There are many 5 star hotels with full facilities like developed countries.
Skyscrapers are increasing with full acceleration and future modern facilities.Dhaka is connected to all outer-city either by bus or steamer.
source: salvi

Pôhela Boishakh

April 14th is the new year of Bangladesh. The day is called Pôhela Boishakh. In mugal time, the farmer did not able to follow Islamic calendar due to weather change. So the scholar make a new calendar.This because to boost harvesting and paying tax. Hislsha and panta (a water containing rice) is the best to eat on the first day of boishakhi. Esho, he Boishakh, Esho Esho (Come, O Boishakh, Come, Come) is popular song in this day.

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