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Caring For Your Caravan This Winter

Once the cooler months make their mark, it's time to put your caravan to rest until the touring season starts again next spring. But to make sure that your caravan stays in tip-top condition over the winter, give it the right care and attention beforehand. Here's all you need to know about caring for your caravan this winter.

Store it in a good location

Where you store your caravan over winter can impact on what kind of condition it will emerge in next spring. Ideally, store your caravan in a sheltered location, under cover. Some people choose to keep it at a specialised storage facility.

Avoid leaving your caravan under trees

A caravan stored under a tree can be bad news, with falling leaves and branches ruining the bodywork. Birds roosting in the trees may also deposit droppings on your caravan, which can also cause damage.

Get a cover

It's worth investing in a cover for your caravan over winter to protect it from the harsh elements. A decent cover will be waterproof but also breathable, so that moisture can escape from underneath the van.

Clean the caravan

Before you store the caravan away over winter, give the exterior a thorough clean. Give it a coating of wax to protect it. Remove any mould patches and fix any minor issues.

Pay attention to the interior

Make sure you give the inside of the caravan the once over as well before you store it away. Damp can be a big problem for caravans, so pay particular attention to any suspect mould patches.

Make repairs

If there are any problems with your caravan or any repairs that need to be made, then make sure to get them done before winter. Workshops are usually quieter over this period of time, so work will be done quicker. Plus, if you wait until spring you might find that the problems worsen over the winter period causing an even bigger headache!

Check the wheels

Keep an eye on your caravan's wheels over winter, as they don't like to be left standing in one position for a long period of time. It's even recommended that you turn the wheels periodically, say every few weeks to reduce problems occurring. Consider fitting wheel clamps for extra security.

Drain down the water system

Before you store your caravan away, make sure to drain down its water system to protect it from potential frost damage. Even the smallest amount of water left in can cause problems to escalate.

Check the gas systems

The valves on the gas cylinders should be left closed or disconnected, before you lock your caravan up over the colder months. Make sure to fit caps or cloths over the ends of any exposed pipework.

Disconnect electrics

Make sure that electrical switches are in the off position in the caravan. Disconnect any plugs. Avoid leaving anything on standby mode, as this will just drain the battery. Disconnect the battery and charge it up from time to time.
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