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The Entertainment Capital Of The World: Why Vegas Trumps All Other Metropolitan Cities

There’s a motto, not quite as well known as “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but it’s just as true: “When you come to Vegas you fall in love with Vegas.”

Las Vegas has so much to offer socially, economically and culturally that whether you spend all your time on The Strip, or never go there at all, you’ll find yourself at home. Here are just a few reasons why it’s easy to fall in love with Sin City:

The weather

Many people are afraid to move to the Las Vegas Valley because of the infamous heat, but consider this: summer is usually the best time of year for most locations, followed by nine months of rain, snow, hail, slush, etc. In desert communities, flip that number around. You can even be in the mountains or at the lake with just a short drive to get away from the heat. The rest of the year is magic, complete with blue skies, more than 300 days of sunshine per year and comfortable temperatures. Plus, no humidity!

So much to do!

PHoto Walking the Strip

Las Vegas is a place everyone wants to visit, whether for the casinos, shows or culture. The entertainment options are on par with Manhattan as concerts, shows, comedians and festivals converge in one central part of town. On any given day, there are dozens of choices and many shows offer discounts to Nevada residents. You’ll want to schedule time to enjoy the museums that showcase both the exquisite and unique, everything from world class art to the history of the Mob.

World-class entertainment

Some cities are known for food, some for shows and some for music, but there is no other city where you can get everything within walking distance. The caliber and quantity of world class entertainment available in Las Vegas in unmatched – nowhere else will you find celebrity chefs, #1 Billboard musicians, and trend setting shows in the same few miles.

It’s an economic step up

First of all there’s no state income tax, which is a huge savings every April.
Compared to cities its size, Las Vegas has a higher average cost of living. But when compared to cities with the same opportunities, it is much less expensive. If you want to start a life in a big city, compare the costs to Vegas. Las Vegas’ newly revitalized downtown area is quickly becoming a popular place to settle.
If you want the suburban feel, the Vegas valley is surrounded by neighborhoods built for comfort. The economic downturn made many beautiful planned communities more affordable than they’ve ever been, and you may find yourself able to afford a nice home for the same price you’d pay for a shared apartment in Southern California.

Easy commuting

westbound I-80 at State St

Getting around Las Vegas is extremely easy, due to a freeway system that loops and intersects the city. Compared to commutes in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago or Denver, you’ll be at home relaxing while others are sitting in traffic. Plus, Vegas is a short road trip to cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Salt Lake City.

A true 24-hour city
It’s hard to overestimate what’s available to you in Las Vegas. In this city that never sleeps, the opportunities are endless and unexpected. You’ll never run out of things to do, regardless of time or how dark it is outside. Maybe they should start calling Vegas the city that never sleeps!
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Karen Veazey is a freelance writer for a variety of travel, technology and entertainment websites and one of the only people on earth who enjoys the desert heat. She loves living in Las Vegas and frequently consults the Holiday Royale blog when she's looking for fun ways to spend her time. She is currently pursuing an MFA degree in Creative and Professional Writing, focusing on nonfiction. 

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