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6 Things You Can't Do In Las Vegas (Don't Even Think About It)

When you think about Las Vegas, you probably tend to rattle off the things you can do there that you can’t do anywhere else – Elvis-style weddings, drinking on the streets and gambling all night, just to name a few. Surprisingly, there are some things that Las Vegas has banned that are typically OK elsewhere.

Hip-Hop Concerts

It’s not what you might think. The people who enacted this ban don’t necessarily dislike rap shows. It’s what happens after the concerts that has officials concerned. In 2005, a sheriff called on casinos to stop booking hip-hop concerts due to the violence that typically ensued after the shows. Las Vegas venues now have a choice to make: Stop bringing in hip-hop acts, or take responsibility for any violence associated with them.

Feeding Pigeons

 This one goes beyond the idea of “survival of the fittest.” This law was made in the interest of public safety. Pigeons, or “flying rats,” as Clark County officials like to call them, have been known to destroy roofs and attack tourists. Sneaking food to these birds would result in a warning, but second offenders might see up to six months in jail. Can’t feed pigeons in the slammer, can ya?

Vuvuzelas -  They should be banned everywhere. That’s all.

Megaphones - In downtown Las Vegas sits a large mall called the Fremont Street Experience, which contains shops and bizarre street performers. Performing in this area requires a license, and this ban was put in place to try to restrict unlicensed performers from using unauthorized props. The ban also included hula-hoops and Tasers. Yes, apparently an unlicensed vendor Tasered a passerby for no reason and ruined it for everyone else

Lap Dances

Gone are the days where dancer can make contact with dancee. Magic Mike would have had the yellow flag thrown his way each and every night. In 2006, the Nevada Supreme Court decided that under no circumstances could there be any bodily contact during lap dances. In fact, proponents of the ban say that contact during a lap dance doesn’t enhance the erotic experience. We’ll just assume none of them have ever had a lap dance before.

Pets - Just in case you thought about bringing Spot, your frequently Instagrammed puggle, to the Vegas Strip – don’t. The Las Vegas City Council has placed a one-year ban on all canines on the strip, between noon and 5 a.m., to keep panhandlers from exposing their pooches to the mid-day heat. It also deters those mean-dog owners from subjecting the public to their rabid animals. Did you hear that, Paris Hilton? Keep your purse-dog at home.

We aren’t saying you can’t have a little fun on the Vegas Strip, but you might have to be careful if you’re planning on engaging in any of these activities. It may seem that Las Vegas is throwing the book at people who want to have fun, but let’s be honest; there are still tons of questionably legal antics you can get yourself into. It’s still Sin City, after all.

Jordan is a copywriter in Omaha, Neb. Aside from making things with words, he likes to travel and fly in airplanes. These Vegas bans scare Jordan; if you forget about one speeding ticket and a few shameful parking tickets, he tends to lean on the good side of the law. If you are interested in law, Jordan recommends the law blog of Simon Law Group, which often features odd laws and ways to steer clear of trouble.

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