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Things To Consider To Work In Spain

400,000 Brits have already decided that life in the sun is for them and have successfully made the move to Spain. It’s always been high on the UK’s list of tourist destinations so many of us have experienced the hot summer climate. Not so many of us have ventured over to claim our share of the winter sun and of course, Spain is a big country so temperatures vary tremendously.

In the south and on the Costa del Sol the temperatures remain warm in the winter. But in Spain’s interior and in the north temperatures can drop drastically. We are talking -16C and snow in many parts. This is particularly likely in Spain’s mountainous regions: the Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Central and Iberian ranges and the Cantabrian Mountains. The north west of Spain is wetter than other regions.
Of course in the summer the high temperature in some cities – Granada, Seville and Madrid – reach 40C+. Some businesses choose to close during this time (July – August). It is also worth considering how you think you will be able to work in the extreme temperatures that the seasons bring.

Which area?

Andalusia is the warmest area in Spain and generally along that southern coastline – the Costa del Sol - the summers will be hot.

It stays fairly warm and mild as you follow the coastline round to the Costa Blanca. Even far round on the Costa Brava the winters remain mild, but not beach weather obviously.

If you are looking for a similar climate to the UK head to Galicia in the north west which has the Atlantic brushing its shores. Here the temperatures are milder and wetter.

What jobs?

As we’ve mentioned head to any of the main tourist areas if English is your only language. Your chances of employment will be restricted if you do not speak any Spanish but there will often be English language jobs available in these areas.

Of course there are international companies in Spain who might need an English – or other language – speaker but you will almost certainly need to have a good command of Spanish too. Some international companies obviously need other languages as well – so the more you speak, the more opportunities you will find.

There will be opportunities in all the professions but you may need to check that your qualifications are accepted in Spain.

Do your research

The best way to approach this life-change is to
  • Check that your family are happy to make the change
  • If your Spanish isn’t good get yourself on a course – an intensive one if time is short
  • Start checking out what you need to do before taking this big step including any paper work needed for residence in Spain
  • Check that your qualifications are valid in Spain
  • Search out a good online site to search for jobs
  • Be ready to relocate and all that entails once you have secured a job
After all of this you should be well prepared to work in Spain.
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Bill Turner is a free-lance writer and an experienced traveler. He enjoys mountain climbing in the winter and sitting on the beachfront in the summer months.

Things To Consider To Work In Spain

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