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Koh Samui - The Ideal Holiday Destination

Koh Samui is an island, full of natural beauty and charm, offering a lovely place where one can enjoy their holiday the way they like; relaxed, kicked back or fast-paced. The island has beautiful white sand beaches, clean and warm ocean waters, lush tropical gardens and the gentle ocean water breezes that await tourists. It is the ideal destination for any beach lover.

Koh Samui Mimosa Resort-</strong><strong>コサムイ</strong><strong>ミモザリゾート</strong><strong>This ideal tourist destination's main attractions are its natural white beaches and the Samui beach resorts. If you prefer a quiet Samui beach resort where you can relax and enjoy your holiday, then there are plenty of options for you, including the Maenam beach. In addition, there are other several beautiful beaches such as Lamai, Chaweng, Bophut, Choeng, and Bangrak, among many others, where you can book accommodation for your stay.

Koh Samui Beach Resorts

Samui beach resorts provide comfort and luxury to all guests. This Thailand’s island’s beach resorts are normally located in sites that enable the tourists easily identify them and to not only tour around the curved Koh Samui city but also partake in various beach activities. You can choose from 3 foremost window types at the Samui resort; advanced windows, sumptuous sites and villas. The resorts at the beach have exotic dining locations for the guests too. The resorts are also elegant in architecture and have international management panels from Thailand, Europe and America, who take control of all guests.

Koh Samui’s Top Attractions


Koh Samui is blessed with a few spectacular waterfalls, but there are only two that can be accessed easily with good facilities. These are Na Muang and Hin Lad falls. To view these two falls well, plan your visit during or immediately after Koh Samui’s rainy season, which is around September- March.

Big Buddha Temple and Beach
Golden Buddha
The temple is located in the northern coast of the island. The beach is named after the 12meter golden Buddha statues that can be viewed from a distance. The Big Buddha is sits at the Mara posture, with the right hand facing down and the fingers hanging down. The temples around are habitats to several shrines with smaller and ornate images of the Lord Buddha. Every single day, devotees of Buddha stream in from various places to make their offerings of fruits and flowers, light incense as the tourists observe their graceful rituals from a distance.

Mummified Monk Exhibition

This is an unusual sight but it offers a deeper insight into Thailand and Buddhist unique culture. The well preserved mummified body is located at Wat Kiri Wongkaram, placed 25 years ago. The mummified monk is named Loung Por Ruam. The body has not shown any form of decay, and remains just as it was placed.


If you an image of a heavenly fascinating island found in the middle of the deep blue ocean water, with coconut trees on the surroundings, then Koh Samui is the place to be. The island offers a wide range of fun activities for almost everyone. It offers the perfect romantic atmosphere for just married couples, who can enjoy their honeymoon in different resorts. Whether you are looking for the perfect destination for mountain jungles also, then Koh Samui’s central part is the ideal for you.
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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. He recommends Rocky's Resort in Samui if you're looking for a luxurious resort on Samui beach.

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