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How To Know When You're Due For A Holiday

Most people perceive holidays as a luxury they can’t afford. How can you go on a holiday when you have work commitments, a family to maintain and care for, chores to do and bills to pay? Only when you get the really necessary stuff out of the way will you even start considering a holiday, right?
Well, it seems that taking a break now and again might need to get off your luxury list and into your necessity list. Experts have advised that holidays are of vital necessity for resting and de-stressing, so take the test and see whether you’re in need of a holiday.

Are you having trouble sleeping?
Odds are you’re feeling stressed and this can lead to hectic and inconsistent sleeping patterns. The boisterous and energetic city might have appealed to you in your early days, but now the traffic, the people, the planes, air-conditioning and the sirens are causing you to seriously doubt what attracted you to the city in the first place. Take a relaxing vacation to a quiet beach or an isolated mountain and just take some time to gather your thoughts and rest.

Are you grumpy and irritable?
There’s no question that stress and tiredness can make you a little temperamental, and it doesn’t get any easier when people complain about it. If you find yourself yelling at the kids too often and for too little a reason, or you snap at a barista for getting your order wrong, or smash your horn more than three times a day while driving, you need a holiday.

Are you unmotivated?
We don’t blame you. It’s hard to stay motivated with a routine that’s spanned years of your life and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. Break that routine ASAP with a holiday. Let yourself be inspired by a foreign city, another language and friendly people. You’re guaranteed to return to work energised and inspired with a short break.
Are you lacking creativity?
It’s no surprise that after the last five years in that cramped office of yours painted in greyscale, you’re not as imaginative as you used to be. This might even be affecting your career as you’re no longer solving problems or coming up with cool ideas. If it seems like the interns are looking covetously at your desk and office, fight back! Get yourself to a museum, or an art gallery, go camping and learn to solve problems creatively once more. Get out there and reboot your brain: take a break from being bored and explore human creativity.
Are you too good an employee?
If you’re that employee who’s always willing to get in early and leave late, who takes work home with them and never calls in sick, the one that gets everyone coffee and goes that extra mile to make sure everything is running smoothly, then you need to be taken care of too. Did you know that 129 million days of annual leave are being wasted by full-time employees every year? If you’re one of those people, then treat yourself to sailing to the Great Barrier Reef or climbing Mt Kosciuszko.
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Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and frequent flyer. He regularly takes vacations to mountain retreats and is most comfortable and relaxed resting at a Niseko ski chalet.

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