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How To Travel Across The Country With Livestock Comfortably

Transporting livestock across the nation might sound like an unmanageable chore. But if you make sure that your animals are comfortable and happy along the way, this assignment needn't be much more difficult than your average cross-country trip.

The Trailer

First, look at a wide range of cattle trailers, horse trailers, and other kinds of trailers to find one that suits your purpose. A heavy cargo trailer is preferable to a light one. That’s because heavier models don’t bounce as much. Bouncing can put a real strain on the legs of livestock, and in some cases it can lead to weight loss and dehydration in animals. On top of that, you can provide a more pleasant ride with a high-quality, well-built trailer. Bison trailers, for instance, are ideal. They enjoy an excellent reputation within the agricultural sector.

Thoroughly inspect your vehicle and trailer before your trip. Verify that the oil has been changed and that the tires have been inflated. Don't forget a spare; trailers are notorious for flat tires. On top of that, check that the hitch is secure and that all doors and lights work properly.
Cover your trailer's floor to make the journey more comfortable for your animals. Rubber mats are effective here. And throw down some hay or some straw so that your livestock can sleep more soundly.

Preparing Your Animals

Before embarking on an across-the-country tour, it’s important to acclimate your livestock to their livestock trailers. To that end, practice loading and unloading them. And take them for plenty of trips around the neighborhood so they can get used to moving at different speeds. The first time your animals -- your horses in particular -- go for a ride, stop as gradually as you can and always turn slowly.
Check with a veterinarian to see if your livestock are healthy enough to handle the rigors of long-distance travel. Plus, the vet can let you know if your state requires you to carry any paperwork when hauling livestock. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to at least take the animals’ registration papers with you.

Notes About Horses and Road Trips

Bring large quantities of food and water for your horses and feed them at frequent intervals. You can even dangle nets full of hay in front of them so they can eat as they ride.
You have to decide whether or not to tie your horses. If you're transporting, say, two horses in the same trailer and they behave especially well around one another, you might leave them untied. However, if you have any concerns about rowdiness or about one of your horses trying to escape, you ought to secure them with quick release knots.

In addition, it's a good idea to drive away immediately after your horses have been loaded.

A Word About Hogs

It’s actually easier to transport cattle and horses -- horses especially -- than hogs. Thousands of hogs die on the road each year due to hot temperatures and rough rides. Hogs are unable to sweat; heat and humidity thus take terrible tolls on their bodies. Therefore, avoid driving during the hottest parts of the day during the summer and in desert climes. And remember that wet bedding materials can cool them off and that you can hose them down periodically.
Just as heat can be lethal for hogs, cold and wind chill can be fatal. During chilly times of the year, only transport your hogs in an enclosed trailer. And be sure that all vents are closed.
Finally, be aware that deadly fights can break out when hogs ride with other hogs that they’ve never seen before.
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How To Travel Across The Country With Livestock Comfortably

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