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Hotel Industry Doing Best In These European Cities

According to the PWC European Cities Forecast, Europe has the best hotel industry in the world.
Some cities are continuing to prosper despite changing and more difficult economic times, and other cities are struggling. Overall, though, Europe’s hotel industry isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.
Hotrec Hospitality Europe (HHE) found that the hospitality industry in Europe employs nearly 10 million workers, or slightly more than 4% of total employment. It has and continues to be one of the best employment sectors in Europe in terms of growth.

Europe’s most prosperous cities
Like any country, the cities and countries of Europe that consistently do well in terms of hospitality are those that are big tourist towns. Typically, these are larger cities that attract tourists year-round.
The hotel industry is doing the best in the following areas:

London - London has always been a top destination for tourists. With the recent 2012 Olympics taking place there, it’s only boomed even more. The hotel industry is thriving and is expected to grow substantially over the next few years.

Paris -  Paris is known as the most romantic city in the world. It’s bustling with cafes, live music, historical museums and more sights than you could possibly take in in one trip. Paris attracts and welcomes tourists with money, making the hotel industry one of the best.

Stockholm - Stockholm is ranked as one of the top five performing cities in Europe according to the PWC. Due to this, the hospitality industry is only expected to continue thriving.

Amsterdam -  Amsterdam is also a top performer in Europe overall, making it similar to Stockholm in terms of the hotel industry. Amsterdam will continue seeing nothing but growth over the next few years and is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

The two cities that are not expected to do well in the hotel industry are Belfast, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany. Neither city expects to bring in a tremendous amount of business or leisure travelers.

The best hotels in Europe

CN Traveler compiled a list of Europe’s best hotels. All are beautiful, all are sophisticated and all will continue to attract travelers over the course of the next few years.

In London, the best hotels are 41 Hotel, Dukes Hotel, Milestone Hotel and Soho Hotel. Paris’ best hotels include Hotel d’Aubusson, Hotel Plaza Athenee and Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port. Amsterdam’s top-rated hotel is Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel. Finally, according to Five Star Alliance, the best hotels in Stockholm are Hotel Rival Stockholm, Grand Hotel Stockholm and Nobis Hotel Stockholm.

As long as business continues to thrive in Europe, the hospitality industry will continue to thrive, as well. Europe was affected by the downfall of the economy in 2008, but has since been able to recover.

In the end, experts predict Europe to continue being one of the world leader’s in the hospitality industry.
Whether you are a business traveler or just looking for a little personal time away, your European trip could find you staying at one of the better-known hotels worldwide.
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