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Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort pizza promotion

Published: 07-9-2013

- a BTB report

Dhaka Regency 

has announced special pizza promotion for pizza lover enjoyment to homemade pizza and other Italian specialties.In this promotions, customers can have test on different pizza special dishes such as: Tandoori Prawn (Tandooti king prawns, onion, capsicum, mushroom, olives, oregano and mozzarella) ,Dhakaia Nababi Special (roasted chicken, onion, green chili, capsicum, coriander leaf, fresh mint, ginger, korma sauce, tomato sauce and mozzarella), Meat and More Meat (Smoked Chicken, ground beef, pepperoni, roast lamb, capsicum, onion, olives, oregano and mozzarella) and many more.

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This awesome promotions are available for lunch and dinner between September 5 to September 11, 2013.

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