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Bangladesh: RAK Airways plan to buy 10 more Aircrafts RAK Airways plan to buy 10 more Aircrafts - Bangladesh

RAK Airways plan to buy 10 more Aircrafts

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Published: 8-13-2013
 - a BTB report

RAK Airways is one of the best UAE base airlines. This airline has been currently operating with three Aircraft to eleven destination.

 They are now discussing with the giant aircraft manufactures such as Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier to order the new fleets. 

They wanted to make one of the biggest carriers in the Middle East. So,they are planning for Boeing B737-800, Airbus A320, and Brand New C Series jet from Bombardier. 

RAK are currently operating with two Airbus A320-200 and one mid-size Boeing. Their destinations are Bangladesh (Dhaka), Bangladesh (Chittagong), Egypt, Jordan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar and Saudia Arabia. 

In addition, they are now doing good profits in their current destination and this is why, they are looking for finance from Bank and Share to purchase new aircraft. They wanted to operate at least 40 destination by 2015. 

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