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The Ramadan in Bangladesh

Most Beautiful Ramadan Time in Bangladesh

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Date: 7-12-2013

Why so different our country is?

> Delicious Food
> Unique Culture
> 30 days Unlimited Celebration with friends and family.

Ramadan is the perfect time to get the unique cultural tasty food in Bangladesh. In these days, Muslim started to keep fasting and break their fasting with date ( dry fruits ). Muslim usually started fasting after seeing the half moon to start fasting next days and continued up to 30 days before Ramadan. This is one kind of unique celebration through out the month. As a result, people usually buy delicious food and fruits from their budget to keep life happy. This time Muslim chief prepare many delicious food with costly items so that they can have sell like bees. It is true that you can taste all delicious items on 5 stars hotel but it is not true for this country because all types of delicious menu preparation kept secret as this is their heritage before Mugal reach here. Most of the delicious food is now at Old Dhaka which is famous historical place in Asia.
Although, many Asian countries forgot about Mugal culture however old Dhaka keeps it a unique. In old Dhaka, the whole street spread-ed with thousands types of old cultural Arab and Mugal local made food. 
Hajir Biryani is one of the famous shop for Biryani which is made by oil instead of butter with unique recipes.
This Biryani house is very unique because they are so famous in such a way that they promoted with unique taste not by any Billboard and in another case, they are so much known that no one need to know the address because Rickshaw puller will reach you the correct destination.

Sheek Kebab and Bakarkhani are two special food from Old Dhaka. Among them, Bakarkhani is only the item that only made by Old Dhaka. This Bakarkhani is very tasty with cheese as far my taste. Bakarkhani is more like paratha however it is much softer and delicious with unique taste. Bakarkhani is still available in New Dhaka. Sheek Kebab is available in many places around Dhaka city however without old Dhaka Sheek Kebab, you will surely miss real Kebab! 

I will add more about "Ramadan Tour in Bangladesh with delicious Food" soon.

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